Location: Alford Massachusetts

Biography of Captain Seth Hamlin

(V) Captain Seth Hamlin, son and eldest child of Isaac and Mary (Gibbs) Hamlin, was born September 9, 1740. His name appears on the records of Alford, Massachusetts, in 1793-94, but not later. He is believed to have died there in 1795. He resided at Sharon, Connecticut; New Concord, New York, and Alford, Massachusetts, where his name frequently appears on the early records, sometimes as Captain Seth Hamlin. He was a highway surveyor in 1777, and town clerk in 17831785. He was a soldier of the revolution, serving in Captain Wilcox’s company, Colonel Ashley’s regiment. He enlisted for three years in the continental army; resident of Alford, Massachusetts; also private in Captain Job Alvord’s company in Colonel Shepard’s regiment, Third Massachusetts, for three years; returned by Truman Wheeler, muster ,,taster of Berkshire county, Massachusetts; mustered between January 20, 1777, and June, 1778; in service August 15, 1977; also private, same company and regiment. On return dated January 31, 1778, residence Alford; also private on continental army pay account in Captain Learned’s company, Colonel Shepard’s regiment, May 25, 1777, to June, 1778. He was appointed purchasing commissary in 1778 and remained in the service twelve months. Also private on depreciation roll of Colonel Shepard’s regiment to make good the wages for the first three years’ service in the continental army from 1777 to 1780; also in a statement of continental...

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Biography of Elijah Hamlin

(VI) Elijah, eldest son and second child of Captain Seth and Mary (Pitcher) Hamlin, was born in Alford, Massachusetts, February 8, 1767, died April 12, 1858, and was buried at Clarkson, New York. He witnessed as a boy many of the stirring scenes of the revolution and related to his grandchildren many interesting incidents of those clays of hardship and danger. He removed to Barre, Massachusetts, and from there to East Bloomfield, New York, about 1791. He purchased and operated a farm there which is now (1910) owned by his grandsons, John S. and Frank H. Hamlin. He was a man of kindly heart and upright character; a granddaughter relates that the first time she ever saw him he dismounted from his horse, waded through deep snow (1910) to get her some green boughs she wanted from a distant pine tree. He built an addition for Dr. and Mrs. Hurlburt to live in. (The doctor was an old pensioner and his wife taught school.) He was a successful farmer but involved in financial difficulties through contracts for building the locks on the Erie canal at Lockport, New York. He was unaccustomed to such work and lost money, but was able to settle honorably. The first home on his East Bloomfield farm was built of logs, this was later replaced by a wooden farmhouse in which he resided until the...

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