Location: Abilene Kansas

Biography of Richard Waring

Richard Waring, during his long and active career at Abilene, won the respect and esteem of every citizen. He was a man whose character inspired confidence. He was the trusted adviser of many. Successful in his own affairs, strong in self reliance, he stood as a commanding figure in that community until the close of his life, and his memory will always be revered by the hundreds who knew him as a friend and associate. His life was the expression of a strong and self reliant nature. Born at Belfast, Ireland, July 4, 1850, coming alone to America in 1868, beginning without friends or capital, and with only the advantages of the common schools of his native land, he found employment as a bookkeeper in New York City and at that remained four years. In 1872 he came out to Kansas and was one of the pioneer homesteaders of Dickinson County. He proved up a claim to 160 acres of land in Ridge Township of that county and was actively engaged in farming for eight years, in the meantime acquiring considerable other lands. It was his business as a farmer that gave him the foundation for the material success he enjoyed. He allied himself actively with the republican party, but was a man who stood above partisanship and personally was always stronger than his party in Dickinson County. In...

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Biography of Edward Everett Hazlett, M.D.

Edward Everett Hazlett, M. D. From 1880 until his death on June 17, 1915, Doctor Hazlett practiced medicine and surgery at Abilene, Kansas. That was a period of thirty-five years. He was one of the pioneers in his profession at Abilene, and began practice there when the city to some extent still retained the prestige and the somewhat unenviable prominence it derived as a center of the great cattle industry. Without disparaging the merits and attainments of his contemporaries, it can be stated that Doctor Hazlett was always the leader of his profession in that city, not only in point of time and in the extent of his practice, but in personal character and individual ability. He came to Abilene after a splendid training and experience which had given him almost unlimited opportunities to perfect himself in the complicated science of which he was always a student and close observer. Doctor Hazlett was born January 10, 1852, at Cincinnati, Ohio, son of Robert and Sarah A. (Leader) Hazlett, and he was sixty-three years of age when he was taken away in death. After being educated in the public schools of Zanesville, Ohio, he graduated from the College of Pharmacy and was also a graduate of the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia. He further enjoyed a special course in New York City in the ear, eye,...

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Biography of William Thomas Davidson

William Thomas Davidson, an old soldier, a pioneer in Western Kansas, and an expert abstractor at Abilene, was born in a log house on a farm in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, July 26, 1842. Several years ago he celebrated the birthday which made him three score and ten years of age. His had been a long and active lifetime, and his experiences for more than forty-six years identify him with Abilene. On January 1, 1860, Mr. Davidson started to keep a diary, and it illustrates the persistence of his character that he had never missed a day in itemizing some fact connected with his individual history or otherwise, and the record now covers a period of fifty-seven years. Mr. Davidson is a son of Major John and Mary (Beatty) Davidson. His parents were also natives of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania. Up to the age of twenty-eight Mr. Davidson spent most of his time on the home farm with his parents, and gained an education both in public and private schools. He also had a commercial course at Pittsburg. He was twenty-two when in August, 1864, he volunteered his services to the Union, enlisting as a private in Company B of the Fifth Pennsylvania Artillery. This regiment was largely engaged in the campaigning and in the defenses around the City of Washington. He saw one year of active service. In 1870 Mr....

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Biography of George W. Hurd

George W. Hurd. In 1869, a few years after the close of the war in which he had fought for the Union with an Illinois regiment, George W. Hurd pioneered into Dickinson County, Kansas, and established himself on a homestead. However, during his long residence in the county and at the City of Abilene, he had been best known and distinguished as a lawyer. He was one of the pioneer members of the bar, and had long held a place of leadership in the profession and in public affairs. Born at Lafayette, Illinois, June 20, 1846, he had recently passed the mark of three score and ten, and to some degree is lightening the professional burdens on his own shoulders and shifting them to his sons, two of whom are active lawyers. His own parents were Theodore F. and Catherine M. (Driscoll) Hurd. Theodore F. Hurd was born in 1814 at Sparta, New Jersey, a son of Stephen and Nancy (Hinchman) Hurd, natives of the same state. Theodore Hurd, who died at Galva, Illinois, in 1899, spent his active career as a merchant. It is noteworthy that he was elected a member of the Illinois Legislature from Stark County in 1860, his name as a candidate being on the same ticket as that of Abraham Lincoln, who at that time headed the republican ticket as candidate for president. Catherine...

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Biography of Frank L. Abbey M. D.

Frank L. Abbey, M. D., long a resident of Newton and formerly a druggist but for twenty years a successful physician, had during the greater part of his professional career been identified with the Axtell Hospital as a member of its staff of physicians. Doctor Abbey was born at Kingsbury, Illinois, February 1, 1861. He is of English ancestry, his grandfather, Luke Abbey, having been born in Yorkshire, England, in 1787. When about twenty-four years of age he came to America with his second wife and two children, and settled first in New Jersey, then in Ohio and finally, as a pioneer farmer, at Kingsbury, Illinois, in 1837. He died there in 1869. He married for his third wife Miss Hannah Mills, who was a native of New Jersey and died at Kingsbury, Illinois. She was the grandmother of Doctor Abbey. Charles W. Abbey, father of Doctor Abbey, was born at Trenton, New Jersey, in 1830 and when seven years of age accompanied his parents to Kingsbury, Illinois. He grew up and married there and spent his active career as a farmer. In 1864 he enlisted in Company B of the One Hundred and Fortieth Illinois Infantry and was in active service until the close of the war. In 1871 he came to Kansas, locating on a farm near Abilene for nine years, and then for seventeen years farmed...

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Biographical Sketch of Gross, Daniel

Gross, Daniel first came to Abilene, Kan. in 1874 and clerked some time, finally came to Bunker Hill and became a member of the firm of Eyler & Gross, dealers in general merchandise, opening the business July 21, 1879, and carrying a stock of about $12,000, occupying two rooms, 22×40 and 22×50 feet. Mr. Gross was born in York County, Pa in 1857. Was raised and educated in his native county; married in 1879 to Miss Katie Gardner, a native of...

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