Originally printed in Burlington, Kentucky, the Boone County Recorder has been in continuous publication since 1875. The company behind the Boone County Recorder has given permission for archive.org to digitize the entire series of Newspapers from 1875-1953. This collection comprises 78 volumes of newspapers (1 volume per year), 52 regular issues per year.

You can either download each volume to your computer or view online page by page. These PDFs appear to be scanned from microfilm and the quality of the newspaper at the time of the scan was only fair. Added to that the many years of usage the microfilm endured and you have a newspaper which is readable, but probably not able to be ocr’d and therefor not searchable. Expect to do your research using these the old fashion way… issue by issue.

Best copy available. Volume 41 (1915) and Volumes 52-54 (1926-1930) are missing from this collection. Volume 1 starts with 23 Sept 1875.

Boone County Recorder Issues by Volume