Buford Clark, who had also been a resident of Kansas and Shawnee County since 1878, was born November 28, 1852, in Knox County, Illinois, His birth occurred in one of the log cabin homes then so typical a feature of the Illinois landscape. He received a good education at his father’s home in Abingdon, and practically his entire active carser had been spent in farming. On coming to Kansas in 1878 he remained only about sixteen months, and then returned to Knox County, Illinois. He remained in that state until 1886, but since then had made his permanent home in the Sunflower State.

On June 1, 1884, Buford Clark married Hannah Louise Anderson. Five children were born to them: Dennis, Martha, Minnie, Russell and Meddie, Buford Clark is a liberal republican in politics and his religion is stated in the principle set forth in the Golden Rule.