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Modale Iowa Early Residents

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Early residents of the town of Modale Iowa.

C. L. Arbaugh
J. & E. Ashcraft

J. Bahrer
H. Behrens
R. Bennet
S. Berkley
M. Bieger
Geo. Blackman
M. Blenkiron
Mary Boner
N. Boynton
C. G. Brandriff
A. & C. Brown
V. Bunn
E. Burke

J. Clark
A. Cochrane
Silas Cook
T. J. Cook
V. Cooper
E. Crashaw

M. Davenburg
W. Doty
H. Dykeman

J. Elston

J. Fry

D. Gamit
Wm. Garner
H. Geith
D. Gilett
Chas. Gilmore

A. Gregory Janes Haas
J. Harker
S. & L. Heaston
J. Hicks
W. Hill
A. Hollis

Geo. Kager
Wm. Kennedy
W. Kinney
J. Klein

A. Laramie
H. Locklin
I. Ludwig

J. McCrillis
W. McDonald
J. Merchant
Wm. Middleton
C. Miller
J. Mintun
C. Morrow
F. W. Myers

J. Neal
J. Noyes

J. O’Connor
J. Olmstead
Oscar Olson

D. Parker

J. Reed
J. Rice
J. Richards
Allen Robertson
Geo. Robertson J. Robeson
Geo. Ross
George A. Ross
John Ross
Benjamin Ross

Chas. Save
I. Seeley
H. Sharpnack
B. Sherman
S. Shocklin
C. Sims
J. Snow
Z. G. Snyder
W. Stansberry
John Stevens
Wm. Stone
D. Straight
P. Strode
J. Swaney

E. & W. Thomas
Dolly Tucker
S. Turnbull

H. Unmack
C. Utsler

Steven Vittitoe
Fred Voss

J. Walton
J. Wilkinson
L. Woodsworth

J. Yocum
G. Yutesler

Source:Pride of Modale History. Modale Iowa: Centennial Committee. 1974.

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