Civil War Veterans who resided in Modale Iowa. The list was created in 1884, but we are unsure if all the men listed here were still alive at that time.

James Alexander
Jacob Antabus
Jesse Arbaugh
John Arbaugh

H. O. Beebe
James Bird
Jesse Bowman
W. H. Bourne
R. G. Boyd
S. J. Bracken

F. M. Caywood
David Clever
Levi Crouch
Charles Cutler

Aaron Davis

Richard Davis Nebraska

Indian Scout

J. M. Epperson

Henry George, Died in war

J. S. Lightell

B. F. Martin
James McManimie
Julius Miller
Jennings Morrow
W. W. Morton
J. W. Myers

Sidney Palen
John Pritchard

Josiah Ragen
W. S. Richards
Allen Robertson
S. J. Robinson
Jacob Rosenberger
George A. Ross, Died in war

Charles Saeve
H. H. Shacklett
D. C. Scirly

Source: Pride of Modale History. Modale Iowa: Centennial Committee. 1974.