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Civil War Veterans of Little Sioux Iowa

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J. W. Alton
W. B. Alton
Andrew Armstrong
S. C. Bartholomew
Milton Bassett
James Beecham
Henry Bishop
H. H. Bonney
Jasper Bonney
W. H. Butler
John C. Conyers
Matthew M. Conyers
S. W. Crane
B. F. Croasdale
Ander M. Ellis
Clarke Ellis
John H. Ellis
Andrew J. Erb
William Fisher
S. B. Frost
A. Griffith
James Harmon
Cornelias Hendrickson
David Herring
Thomas Jester
B. L. Jones
S. W. Jones
William Kellar
R. W. Kerr E. P. Kidder
Joshua Lane
W. LeSeur
J. C. Lytle
Thomas McAdon
Chester McEvers
Elisha McEvers
L. H. McWilliams
Dan Murphy
Rudolph Neitzsch
Charles W. Oden
R. L. Peasley
S. J. Peasley
C. L. Payton
W. L. Reeves
J. Riley
George Rock
W. S. Rolph
Eugene Scofield
A. M. Silsby
L. S. Silsby
George Spry
J. W. Stocker
Mart Stucker
Lewis E. Tolle
B. T. Walter
R. C. West
L. Woodward
J. A. Yost

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