Logan Crawford, county surveyor, was born Jan. 13th, 1822, in Union, Conn.; moved to Mayville, Wis., in the spring of 1847, and was employed on the Fond du Lac & Watertown R.R. He surveyed in 1851, and in the summer of 1852 was again employed by the Railroad Company a surveyor, under J. S. Sewell, engineer. Mr. S. was transferred to the C. & N.W.R.R. on the Ill. division, and sent for Mr. C. to assist. In 1854 he settled in Harrison County, and bought land near Calhoun; has suffered large losses from prairie fire. He enlisted in 1861 in the 5th Ia. Infantry; enlisted as a private; was promoted in 1863 to lieutenant; was engaged in the battle of Pittsburg Landing; was wounded at Corinth, Oct. 6th, 1863, and again at Atlanta, Ga.; was severely wounded by musket shot through the chest, and reported dead; was taken prisoner in that condition, and put in the hospital at Macon, Ga.; was transferred to Charlestown, S.C., and exchanged in December, 1864. He was elected surveyor in 1870, on the republican ticket, and re-elected in 1881; has been justice of the peace of Calhoun Township two terms. He married Helen M. Rising, at Maysville, Wis. They have four children living.