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1906 Garfield Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

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Adams, James A.
Andersen, Andrew
Andersen, John

Baker, John B.
Baumann, Julius
Baumann, Rudolph C.
Banse, Chas.
Bastets, Rudolph
Bingham, D. K.
Black, O. H.
Booth, Mrs. J. H.
Booth, Marion
Bower, John
Bowman, E. G.
Bradshaw, J. V.
Bradshaw, W. H.
Bradshaw, L.
Breston, Frank
Brown, Mathias
Brown, W. L.
Brueck, Henry
Brueck, Chas.
Bubke, J. F.

Cassens, George
Caughey, A.
Caughey, S.
Chinburgh, C. J. (Section 16)
Chinburgh, C. J. (Section 21)
Christensen, H.
Coldshau, John
Collins, Margaret
Conn, Anna
Conn, Annie E.
Connor, James
Cook, Chas.
Cord, M. D.
Cox, Charles
Crawford, J. O.
Crawford, T. D.
Crawford, J. S.
Crawford, W. S.
Crossland, W. F.
Crossland, W. F., Jr.

Detlefs, Henry
Dieckman, Henry
Dienst, Adolph
Dumig, Frank
Dumig, Henry
Durst, Godfrey

Ehler, John
Ehler, Ludwig
Ehrig, Jos.
Ellithorpe, Marion
Empey, F. D.
Erich, Anton
Ernst, Bert

Federsen, Peter
Federsen, Magdalina
Fesenbeck, Chris
Fletcher, F. W.
Floyd, O. E.
Folks, Thos
Fouts, J. M.
Foster, A.
Foster, George H.
Foster, Martha J.
Foster, Edith
Frentress, Allen

Gailey, W. M.
Gehrke, Henry
Geiger, R. M.
Geiger, G. W.
Goin, Mrs. Emma
Greenwaldt, D. J.
Groth, Henry
Grovert, Gust
Grovert, Neclaus

Hahn, A. F.
Hahn, E. E.
Hamilton, Andrew
Haney, E. A.
Hansmann, August
Hart, Frank
Harvey, O. R.
Hayden, Eva
Hayden, S.
Hayden, W. C.
Henry, Joseph
Henry, Jerome
Hilker, Gust
Hobart, Anna
Hollander, T. B.
Hood, E. C.
Horstmann, A. H.
Horstmann, August
Horstman, E. F.
Hostler, Isaac
Hupke, Carl
Hupke, Frank
Hutchins, J. D.
Hutchins, G. A.

Isenbarger, L.
Isenbarger, W. A.

Janssen, O.
Johannsen, H. F.
Johnson, Christian

Kennedy, Ida S.
Kerr, L. C.
Kleine, Bern

Lloyd, Best
Ludwig, Ed
Ludwig, Mrs. Ellen
Ludwig, Louis
Ludwig, Gus

Manson, William
Martens, Martin
Meyer, Emil
Meier, J. R.
Miller, W. F.
Mohler, S. C.
Mosskin, Theodore
McBride, Albert
McGee, Mrs. Maggie

Neubauer, Charles

Pedersen, Robert
Peffer, J. S.
Penny Bros.
Petit, John
Plummer, Amos
Plummer, Isaac
Potter, John T.
Preul, August
Pritzier, Albert

Reimer, John
Reinking, Charles

Schade, Henry
Schau, Abraham
Schau, August
Schau, Gustave
Schau, Jacob
Schau, Jargen
Schau, William
Scheidegger, Andrew
Schrader, William
Scott, Albert
Scott, Estella
Sexton, Jas.
Shimerda, C. A.
Shurtliff, E. F.
Simonson, Peter
Sengelman, Henry
Smith, R. W.
Soesbe, James
Spotts, Abe I.
Spotts, O. O.
Stainbrooke, P. A.
Stewart, B. F.
Stough, Gottlieb
Street, Jonathan
Strate, William

Treiber, Adam
Treiber, John
Trinklebach, Christ

Vincent, J. P.

Warnock, David
Warnock, James
Warnock, Mrs. R. M.
Wechler, Ernst
Wessling, John A.
Wessling, Henry
Wheeler, H. O.
White, Truman
Williamson, Charles
Williamson, Harry
Williamson, Lee
Wolfe, B. F.
Wolfe, Freeman

Zehnder, Emil
Zehnder, John
Zentz, E. J.

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