RANSOM BRONNENBERG. After a long period spent in agricultural pursuits, Ransom Bronnenberg, of Anderson Township, is now actively engaged in farming, enjoying the fruits of his years of industrious toil, He has spent his entire life within the limits of Madison County, where he has borne no small part in the wonderful development that has made this one of the garden spots of the Hoosier State, and the success that has attended his efforts is shown in the ownership of a handsome farm of 370 acres, located on the old State road, Mr. Bronnenberg was born on a farm, August 1, 1848, and is a son of Frederick and Hulda (Free) Bronnenberg, His father was one of the earliest settlers of this part of the County, coming here from Preble County, Ohio, in 1821, and here he spent his entire subsequent career, being engaged in farming and the raising of stock, Mr. Bronnenberg was a well educated man, rose to a high place in the esteem of his fellow-citizens, and made a gratifying success of all of his ventures. He and his wife had a family of seven children, of whom three are now living, namely: Ransom, Susan and Calvin.

Ransom Bronnenberg received his education in the Chestnut Grove schoolhouse, this being supplemented by study under the tutorage of his father, As was the custom with farmers’ sons of his day, he divided his boyhood between the school room in the winter months and the farm during the remainder of the year, thus improving his mind at the same time that he was thoroughly trained in the principles of farming, He continued to remain on the homestead up to two years ago, and from time to time has added to its acreage, until it is now 0ne of the most valuable in Union Township, Mr. Bronnenberg continues to direct the operations on his land, contributing his long experience to the enthusiasm and energy of his sons, who are carrying on the work, In business circles he is known as a man of shrewdness, foresight and acumen, one who is capable of recognizing an opportunity and ready to grasp it and to follow it up to successful termination, but he has been strictly honorable in all his dealings and has never taken advantage of the misfortunes of others, For some years he was engaged in the raising of stock, and he has never lost his fondness for fast horses, being at the present time the owner of a number of valuable animals.

On October 30, 1869, Mr. Bronnenberg was married in Anderson Township to Miss Sarah Seward, daughter of Irvin and Charlotte (Harper) Seward, who came to Madison County from Rush County, Indiana. Six children have been born to this union, namely: Joseph, who is assisting his father; Minnie, who married a Mr. Isonagel and has four children,-Velma, Helen, Robert and Evelyn; Frederick, who married a Miss Steward, and has two children,-Melville and Arnold; Wesley, who lives with his parents; Sherman, in Kansas; and Ernest, who also lives at home with his parents, The family stands high in the esteem of the community and its members are widely known in the vicinity where they have resided for so many years. Mr. Bronnenberg is a Spiritualist, He is a Republican in politics and was elected trustee of his Township in 1884 for two years. He is also a member of the I. O. O, F. at Chesterfield.