CASSIUS C. JACOBS was born on a farm in West Vincent Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania, on September 1, 1845. At the age of five years he moved with his parents and older sister to Madison County, Indiana, He is the son of Charles P. and Esther A. Jacobs. The former is a son of Thomas and Sarah Jacobs.

Charles P. Jacobs was born in Chester County, Pennsylvania, on October 6, 1816, and died on October 6, 1901. He married Esther Ann Fussell, daughter of William and Jane Foulk Fussell in Chester County on October 28, 1842, and they came to Madison County, Indiana, on November 28, 1850, locating near Pendleton, Indiana; taking eight days to make the trip, first by stage over the Allegheny mountains, then by steam boat down the Ohio river, then by train to Indianapolis from there taking farm wagon to Pendleton, Indiana, where they continued to reside through the remainder of their lives, They became the parents of two children: Elmira, born September 17, 1843, and who died on March 27, 1865, unmarried; and Cassius C. Jacobs of this sketch.

Cassius C. Jacobs came to Madison County at an early age and here has passed his life from an early period. He attended the public school lasting from two to three months in the year and working on the farm and in his teens was able to attend the Normal school at Lebanon, Ohio. He was twenty-eight years old when in 1873 he married Sarah A. Vernon and settled down to farm life. She is a daughter of Ederd B. and Hannah (Rogers) Vernon, and she was born on January 23, 1850, and educated in the common schools of Madison County, Indiana, Her father, Edward B. Vernon, was born in 1816, in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and was married in 1843 in Madison County, having come here about 1837, He made this County his home until his death on October 7, 1912, He was the father of twelve children, five of whom are living at the present time.

As a member of the Republican party and an active worker in its ranks, Mr. Jacobs as in past years on many occasions has given valued service to the community in which he has lived. He was a member of the board of supervisors for six years and proved himself a most efficient member of that body, The one instance when Mr. Jacobs was separated from the communal life of this Township and from his farming activities was when he located in Anderson and New Castle, Indiana, and had charge of a general agency for the Singer Sewing Machine Company, He eventually reverted to his farming interests, however, and has since been thus 0ccupied in sawmilling, buying and selling logs and lumber in connection with his farming, and he has enjoyed much success in the industries, Mr. Jacobs has seen many changes in the life of the Township in the years of his association with the community, and of those who lived at Spring Valley and this part of Fall Creek when he first came here, not one is living today in his school district.

Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs have two sons, Arthur, born March 15, 1874, who was married to Anna Williams; they have two children, Eva M. and Edward W. Jacobs; and Charles Jacobs, born October 5, 1885, He married Fannie D. Budgurs, and they have two children, also: Audra M. and Horace Jacobs.

The Jacobs family through their long and praiseworthy identity with the County of Madison, occupy an enviable place in the esteem and regard of the representative citizenship of the communities in which the various members of the family are known, and taken as a whole, may well be said to be one of the standard type of resident that has borne so worthy a part in the growth and upward development of the County.