The following figures, taken from the last report of School Treasurer E. Homer, show the condition of the schools: Principal of Township Fund, $3,683 ; whole number of children under twenty-one, 607 ; whole number between six and twenty-one, 397 ; number of districts, 9 ; whole number enrolled, 370; average number of months taught, 7.l ; whole amount paid teachers, $2,268; whole amount paid for other purposes, $868 : total amount paid, $:3,136.

In addition, is the Independent Kickapoo School District, which is located partly in this and partly in Old Town.

The following is a list of those who have been elected to the township offices from the date of township organization.

Downs Illinois Town Officers

Date Supervisor Clerk Assessor Collector
1858 Sylvester Peasley J. Hedrick J. Cusey N. McDaniels
1859 N. McDaniels C. E. Barclay John Cusey C. H. Rutledge
1860 N. McDaniels A. M. Savidge C. E. Barclay C. H. Rutledge
1861 C. H. Rutledge A. M. Savidge William Benjamin P. C. Eskew
1862 C. H. Rutledge E. R. Young P. Brickey N. McDaniels
1863 C. H. Rutledge George Waddington John Cusey N. McDaniels
1864 E. Horner S. McTeer John Cusey J. J. Hancock
1865 John Cusey Joseph Null John Cusey Eber Horner
1866 John Cusey Joseph Null J. J. Hancock J. B. Weaver
1867 J. B. weaver Joseph Null A. P. Lott J. J. Starkey
1868 Sylvester Peasley Joseph Null John Cusey A. Daniels
1869 Sylvester Peasley A. P Lott John Cusey G. W. Downs
1870 Sylvester Peasley A. P Lott John Cusey John Lott
1871 Sylvester Peasley A. P Lott J. McConnell J. Savidge
1872 Sylvester Peasley A J. McComb A. P. Lott M. O. Stanwood
1873 Sylvester Peasley A J. McComb A. P. Lott S. Smith
1874 Sylvester Peasley A J. McComb C. E. Barclay William Johnson
1875 Sylvester Peasley A J. McComb J. McConnell J. R. Pogue
1876 Sylvester Peasley A J. McComb James Fulton Charles Allen
1877 Sylvester Peasley A J. McComb E. Landers M. O. Stanwood
1878 Sylvester Peasley A J. McComb C. E. Barclay M. O. Stanwood
1879 John McConnell A J. McComb Bryon Covey M. O. Stanwood

Justices of the Peace: A. P. Craig, S. McTeer, John McConnell, Asa Savidge, Harvey Robertson, H. M. Morehouse, J. B. Weaver, John Price, J. E. Johnson, J. H. Simpkins.

Commissioners of Highways : J. G. Bishop, D. O. Orendorff. J. Kershaw, A. 1′. Craig, P. C. Eskew, 0. C. Rutledge, U. S. Washburn, P. B. Price, J. McConnell, C. E. Barclay, Wiatt Adams, H. Welch, E. Hornor, D. Phillips. J. J. Hancock, A. H. Pogue, J. E. Killian, Byron Covey, Samuel Sniff, H. C. Lott, J. D. Downs, D. W. Mason.