Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

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1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves

NamePageRange of Ages
Taylor, Abram6201-05-00-00
Taylor, Cornelious6301-12-00-00
Taylor, Cornelius7609-11-00-00
Taylor, Jacob6701-07-00-00
Taylor, James6701-08-00-00
Taylor, John6701-01-00-00
Terner, Alexander6201-07-00-00
Terner, Ezekel7201-01-00-00
Terner, Robert6901-05-00-00
Terner, Ruth6900-07-00-00
Tery, Stephen7201-00-00-00
Thoves, William7201-00-03-00
Travers, Daniel6302-04-00-00
Travers, William7101-06-00-00
Tromley, Etion6401-05-00-00
Vangant, Peter7601-04-00-00
Vanlenberg, Aaron7703-10-00-00
Vanosdoll, Cornelious6301-04-00-00
Vanwikle, Daniel7201-06-00-00
Vanwinkle, David6302-10-00-00
Veach, John6601-07-00-00