The cemetery is located about halfway (approx. 7 miles each way) between Chandlerville and Oakford, Illinois. It is located at the intersection of the Chandlerville-Oakford Road and Pontiac Road. Look for Mt. Olive Baptist Church.

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The stones are typed in the order in which I found them. I started at the front (Northwest) corner and walked south to the first driveway, then went back north and so on. Eventually, I hope to map out the layout of the graves listed, but I didn’t get that done this time.

Generally, if I recorded that the stone said “his wife”, the spouse is the person whose name precedes or follows that designation. Later, I started writing the husband’s name in parentheses, but I didn’t record it this way all the time, so I didn’t put it in the final document.

If something is in parentheses (***) it is not on the tombstone but rather a clarification made by me.

I tried to always spell things the way they are written on the stone. I may have some typos as well, but there are some interesting spellings on the stones as well, including: Coopper, prepair, and various spellings of the same last name, even within the same family group.

This record is as complete as I could make it by walking through the cemetery on this date. In my genealogical research, I have found mention of many people who are listed as buried at Mt. Olive but there is no marker to be found.

The last page of tombstones listed represent stones found leaning against a tree in the cemetery. There are several more that could not be read at all.

HuntHomer "Dutch"Oct. 13, 1894Nov. 16, 1967
HuntAlice MurphyDec. 14, 1907Oct. 26, 1989
BeardsleySabrinaborn April 22,1803died Nov 20, 1872aged 69ys 6ms 28ds
BeardsleyMichaelborn Feb 5, 1802died Aug 14, 1872aged 70ys 6ms 9ds
Row 1 markercan't read information
RickardPeter W.Aug 26,1823Aug. 5, 1906
RickardMary C. TaylorMar. 21, 1840Dec. 17, 1901His wife
To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
TaylorMary C.(see Rickard, Mary)
WeaverBarbara J. Taylorborn June 12, 1842died Dec. 13, 1871wife of W.M. Weaver
TaylorBarbara(see Weaver, Barbara)
WeaverLula K.born Oct. 16, 1866died Feb 27, 1888unable to read inscription
TaylorHenry B.died Feb. 5, 1864aged 50ys 11dsunable to read inscription
unable to read info Row 1 marker
unable to read info Row 1 marker
RickardPeter C.died Sept 2, 1878aged 11ys 5ms 2ds
RickardEmily L.died Feb 4, 1881aged 16ys 2ms 18dsdau of P.W. & M.C. Rickard
RickardJames A.born Dec. 25, 1879died July 16, 1897son of P.W. & M.C. Rickard
GebhardsHenry P.born Sept. 24, 1871died Nov. 12, 1883Suffer my children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of Heaven
GebhardsCordeliaborn Apr 8, 1871died Sept 22, 1876
GebhardsInfant ________of C.& C. Gebhards
GebhardsOscar H.born June 24, 1878died Aug 25, 1878
GebhardsMary M.born Sept 8, 1883died Jan 4, 1893dau of Conrad & Caroline Gebhards
GebhardsCarolineborn Dec. 18, 1852died June 2, 1919His Wife
GebhardsConradborn May 6, 1839died Aug 7, 1909Father "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes"
S.B.No other info
BarrettMelvinJune 6, 1928Nov. 29, 1965
BarrettElvin Lee19581958
NewmanInfantdied July 15, 1881Son of F.B. & M. J. Newman
NewmanInfant Daudied Dec. 19, 1878Children of F.B. & M.J. Newman
NewmanInfant Sondied Oct. 8, 1869aged 8 dsChildren of F.B. & M.J. Newman
RayPhilanderdied Feb 8, 1881aged 62ys 11ms 24dsWhat____from the______dearest depart, What____still__the heart."
RayEmmadied Dec. 25, 1866aged 2ys 1ms 8dsdau of P. & P. A. Ray
RayWilliam C.died Feb 2, 1866aged 3ys 5ms 14dsson of P. & P. A. Ray
MorganCarolinedied Dec 24, 1879aged 36ys 3ms 1dwife of J.B. Morgan
MurphyElizabethborn Sept. 26, 1818died ______wife of G.W. Murphy
MurphyG.W.born Aug. 14, 1819died July 6, 1886aged 68ys 10ms 22dsunable to read inscription
RayMary Anndied Mar 6, 1871aged___ms 6dsdau of J.T. & M. Ray
RayJohn T.18631894
HallMelissaJuly 6, 1857Jan. 30, 1932
RayGoldie I.19211924
CoopperJannieborn Aug 4, 1886Died Sept 10, 1887
SuttonCordelia A.died Oct. 11, 1865aged 3ys__ms 6dsdau of H.P. & S.A. Sutton "this baby___and fair Called home by___ ___ Just come to show how ___flowers in Paradise would bloom."
SuttonSusan Anndied Mar. 10, 1884aged 63ys 3ms 25dswife of H.P. Sutton "Blessed are the dead which are in the Lord"
RayVirgil P.19171940
RayRebecca I.18891963
CliffordFannie RayFeb 17, 1906May 14, 1985
RayElzia T.Dec. 10, 1897Nov. 2, 1962
RayHenry William19401940
HowertonHelen A. (or Helena)Died 1879unable to read the rest
HowertonW.A._______died Oct 5, 1870aged 1ys 9ms 8dsThree infant sons, children of J.F. & H.A. Howerton They are not dead but asleep"
IshmaelMertilladied Dec 11, 1875aged 11ms 14dsGone but not forgotten"
Ishmael___________died July 20, 1878aged 3ms_______M&S Ishmael
IshmaelSarahJuly 26, 1879
IshmaelEmilydied Nov. 30,1873aged 17ys 7ms 2dswife of D.W. Ishmael "Sleep dear wife and take your rest God called you home He thought it best Tis hard indeed to part with thee But strong____."
IshmaelWilliam D.died Oct. 6, 1879
VaughnPhilliipJan 1, 1842
VaughnMary J.Sept. 3, 1853Jan. 21, 1905A precious one from us has gone A voice we love is stilled A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled God in his wisdom Has recalled The boon his love had given And the the body's tomb is here The soul is sure in Heaven"
VaughnLennieJuly 21, 1879Aug 21, 1904
ThomasWilliam I.Aug. 31, 1844Sept. 16, 1917
ThomasMinerva E.Mar.25, 1852Jan. 8, 1921
IshmaelWilliam Thomasborn Nov. 16, 1833Died Nov. 11, 1876husband of Jane Trumbull Ishmael
IshmaelWilliamJuly 16, 1807died Sept. 3, 1877aged 70ys 1mo 17dsBorn Nicholas Co. Ky.
Farewell my wife and children all From your father Christ doth call Mourn not for me It is in vain To call me to your sight again.
IshmaelMarydied Sept 9, 1882aged 72y 5m 2dwife of Wm. Ishmael
DarnellWally C.Mar. 27, 1949June 20, 1995Don't grieve for me for now I'm free
ClarkKelserdied June 28, 1868aged 21dsson of G. & A. Clark
McDoelChas. M.18561918
HillEthelSept 19, 1892Nov 18, 1951
HillyerGoldie B.189419__
HillyerJohn G.18851942
StraitIla May19171919
EddingsAnnieborn Oct. 2, 1879died May 20, 1891
EddingsD.C.born Apr 27, 1839died Apr 23, 1915
EddingsAnnborn Dec. 15, 1844died July 5, 1914His wife
MorganElizabeth A.18661947Mother
MorganJames W.18631940Father
MorganGeraldineApr. 20, 1910Apr. 29, 1994
MorganJohn A.June 10, 1899Feb. 14, 1964
MossJames E.18831949Father
MossOllie J.18861939Mother
last row stoneno name on marker
BreedenElizabeth18451910His Wife
BreedenSarah Ellen18781901Their Dau
RayJohn Riley18751922
RayLela Mae18751918
Ray.?marker pieces missing
BillingsAlma19121975pieces of marker missing
McAullyWilliamdied Apr 14, 1876aged 72ys 4ms 29ds
McAuleyNancy B.died July 16, 1868aged 57ys 8ms 13dsWife of Wm. H. McAuley "___ ___had gained by her hand And __ ___of gold___are___of God's right hand That__unfold Almost we hear the angelic strain So loud it swells and sweet Since Mother joined the Host's refrain At her Redeemer's feet."
McAuleyWilliedied Feb 17, 1875aged 7wks 2dsson of W.M. & M.E. Mcauley
CoxLaura B.died Feb 9, 18812ysdau of G.W. & M.E. Cox "Our Darling Babe"
CoxGeorge W.(unable to read stone)
CoxMary Elizabethborn Jan 31, 1845died Jan 24, 1913
McAuleyHelen A.died Dec. 11, 188?aged 17ys 2ms__ds*this stone is a chair w/open book/Bible on seat, robe draped over back of chair name and info carved on pages of book, facing up.
BarteeSimeonBorn Sept. 15, 1840Died Jan. 12, 1893In memory of Simeon Bartee" Fareweel my wife and children From you a Father Christ doth call Mourn not for me It is in vain To call me to your sight again." More writing on stone, unable to read
KeenOtha E.July 31, 1893March 19, 1919IL PVT 1 CO COAST ARTY World War I
WorkmanElzaborn Nov.1, 1894Died Mar 26, 1896son of S. & M.C. Here lies our darling twin babe That had gone to rest forever with the blest.
WorkmanIlviaMar. 19, 1882Sept 23, 1900Beloved dau. of S. & M.C. Workman Gone but not forgotten
WorkmanMagdaline C.18581942
CollinsInfant DaughterNov. 16, 1913
CollinsEmerson E.Aug 12, 1921Oct. 10, 1933Son
CollinsLesleyMay 4, 1887May 13, 1945
CollinsVernaOct. 19, 1893Feb. 2, 1958
SchaadRossSept. 2, 1921Yr 3 da.12
BlairHildred R.19151968
BlairRussell W.19101982
BlairMyrtle M.18901967
BlairWilliam D.18831966
MurphyLouise S.May 15, 1911Sept. 29, 1971
MurphyOrville E.Sept. 21, 1910Sept. 7, 1994
TaylorBeatrice G.May 12, 1909Aug. 17, 1997
TaylorArthur N.Sept. 14, 1900June 2, 1979
MilsteadBeulah A.Aug 11, 1905Sept. 21, 1972
MilsteadLeonard E.July 13, 1904Sept. 30, 1983
SmithNettieNov. 4, 1915Dec. 12, 1972
SmithIra Sr.July 8, 1914Jan. 19, 1990
FryHubert Jr.Mar 9, 1926May 4, 2001S1 US Navy World War II
FryHubert R.19021978
MarcyRuth EllenOct. 13, 1926Oct. 6, 1999*Also see Marcy, Addison for stone description
MarcyAddison "Jocko"May 12, 1926Jan. 27, 2002American Legion marker
stone shows couple walking together towards church and sunset in distance. Also show ribbon and rings entwined and date Mar. 23, 1945.
JohnsonTina M.May 21, 1962Oct. 7, 1962
BurressHomer W.July 18, 1927July 17, 1959PFC US ARMY
BurressJanet LouiseAug 14, 1933July 18, 1959
SlighCharles H.18681950
GerdesErnest V.18971952
GerdesLora M.19001991
GerdesRosa M.born July 25, 1875died May 26, 1952
GerdesWilliam R.born Dec. 25, 1869died Apr. 13, 1934
GerdesAlva E.18981981
MoffittMaggie J.19181933Daughter
LogueFlora E.Aug 19, 1910Jan. 2, 1999
LogueWalter E.Dec. 22, 1912Sept. 7, 1973
LogueWillam Clint18841960At rest
CollinsKenneth L.19051979
CollinsFern V.19041987
CollinsW. Henry18511931
CollinsS. Jane18661936
CollinsWilliam H.19001924
CollinsEmerson H.19031918
MibbInfant1872aged 4mos 1d*marker broken, info from previous record, states " inf of M. & C. Mibb"
ThomasPleasantborn Oct. 14, 1831died June 22, 1913(family stone)family stone also says "R.G. Gibbs Petersburg"
ThomasSarah Susan Wittyborn Feb. 8, 1849died July 24, 1900(family stone)
Wife of Pleasant Thomas
WittySarah Susan(see Thomas, Sarah)
ThomasMary T.born June 9, 1871died Mar 10, 1872(family stone)
Separate stone beside family one: "Beautiful Lovely she was but given A fair bud to earth to blossom in Heaven"
ThomasWallace J.died Aug 22, 1873aged 4m 22dsseparate stone beside family one, unable to read inscription
ThomasVan Burendied July 16, 1876aged 10m 21dsseparate stone beside family one, unable to read inscription
DixonNoahborn June 11, 1883died July 2, 1883son of P. & M. G. Dixon
DixonClaranceborn Mar. 28, 1882died July 21, 1882son of P. & M. G. Dixon
CooperEliza C.18841936
CooperOscar H.18781922
CooperEvert G.193Oct. 3, 1900son of E.C. & O.H. Cooper
WittySarah Cloa Maydied Apr 28, 1889aged 2ys 4msdau of A.J & T. E. Witty "Remember Cloa as you pass by As you are now once was I As I am now soon you shall be Prepare for death and follow me."
WittyAndrew JacksonJuly 29, 1846Apr 16, 1911
WittyTaletha E.July 3, 1854Aug. 20, 1932His Wife
BranianRuth AlenaDec. 7, 1899Mar. 30, 1901dau of L.W. & L. Branian
BranianMary J.(see Sapp, Mary J.)
SappMary J.born Nov. 28, 1869died Sept. 4, 1894aged 24yrs 9mo 6daLarge stone with BRANIAN on top. Says: In memory of Mary J., dau of R.&S. Branian, wife of Albert C. Sapp 'A loved one is gone from our circle On earth we will meet her no more She has gone to her home in heaven. And all her afflictions are o'er.
BranianSarah McNeely18501896His Wife
McNeelySarah(see Branian, Sarah)
BranianMary J.18691894
BranianHarry T.18681926
LewisMary E.19171999
LewisDonovan Berl19381939Son of J.E. & M. E. Lewis
LewisDonnaOct. 27, 1939(not sure if date is birth or death)
LewisNew grave, no marker yet
LewisFannie L.Dec. 8, 1889Nov. 11, 1940Wife of A.D. Lewis
CooperRuth A.18661953
CooperMurna C.18931963
WitherellWayne E.Feb. 19, 1937Sep. 25, 1986Sgt US Army Vietnam
BarrettMary M.June 11, 1927April 23, 1987
BarrettArthur E.June 1, 1925June 28, 1997stone has a combine carved on back
FieldenShirley M.19421990
WorkmanRobert L.May 12, 1900Mar. 16, 1991
WorkmanLena E.May 9, 1900Apr. 16, 1997
WitherellTroy EugeneMar. 5, 1966May 3, 1993Son of Bob & Allien Brother to Tammy Terry Tara Tonya Father to Mia & Zach
MibbSherele Dean19591959
CooperVirgil HenryMay 4, 1929Dec. 1, 1993PVT US Army Korea
LogueEllenDec. 12, 1855Mar. 20, 1920
ShoemakerCharles F.Dec. 25, 1895June 19, 1912
ShoemakerLeslieApr. 9, 1893Oct. 14, 1918Co F 14th Am Tr. Div.
CooperAlexMar. 23, 1849Feb. 13, 1909To you dear Friends as you pass by As you are now So once was I As I am now so you must be Prepair for death and follow me."
CooperAnnie E.Mar. 6, 1852His Wife
WilkeyHarold W.Apr. 15, 1912Apr. 26, 1912
DavisS.W.Dec. 26, 1859Apr. 4, 1936
DavisCurildia J.Mar. 8, 1861Apr. 23, 1908His Wife
DavisCordelia M.died Mar. 26, 1888ages 5ms 9ds.dau of S.W. & C.J. Davis
DavisInfantborn Apr. 13, 1892died June 15, 1892stone says "children of S.W. & C. J. Davis
DavisLuEthelborn Apr. 12, 1892died June 20, 1894stone says "children of S.W. & C. J. Davis
DavisWilliam F.July 17, 1889June 27, 1890
DavisLee RoyDec. 27, 1893Oct. 6, 1918son of Alfred & Martha CO A 4TH BAT INF Gone but not forgotten
DavisMary A.Apr. 11, 1885Apr. 13, 1951
FrankenWilliamAug. 18, 1840Aug. 22, 1927
FrankenMary E.Dec. 24, 1844Mar. 7, 1898His Wife
GerdesFolker W.died Feb. 26, 1884aged 49ys 4ms & 3dsHusband thou has gone to rest Thy toils and cares are o're And Jesus summoned thee away Thy Savior called thee home And again we hope to meet Thee When the day of life is fled Then in Heaven with joy to greet thee When no farewell tear is shed."
GerdesLevidied Dec. 1, 1860aged 4yrs. 6mos. 2ds.Son of F.W. & M.E. "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God called thee home, He thought it best."
MorganRobert D.18391918
MorganHannah18421866His Wife
IshmaelMercy C.Oct. 29, 1875aged 19ys 9mo 12d.Wife of Robert Ishmael (unable to read remainder of inscription)
IshmaelInfantSon of R.T. & M. E.
IshmaelSalinadied April 18, 1879aged 18yearsWife of R. Ishmael (unable to read rest of inscription)
IshmaelMarydied Nov. 3, 1877aged 20 yrsWife of R. Ishmael "Death wings triumphant o'er mankind Hope cheers the soul eternal bliss to find"
IshmaelMarydied Nov. 3, 1878aged 2yrs 4ds.Daughter of R. & M. Ishmael
BurrowsIllinoidied Nov. 1, 1880aged 15yrs. 8ms. 19ds.Dau. of D. & N.
BurrowsDanielBorn Oct. 12, 1826Died Aug. 14, 1888
BurrowsNancyBorn Nov. 27, 1831His Wife
IshmaelAnnaBorn Aug 12, 1889Died Feb. 1, 1899dau of Art & M.J.
MeansMartha E.(see Ishmael, Martha E.)
IshmaelMartha E. MeansAug. 17, 1845Dec. 11, 1904Wife of Robert T. Ishmael "Rest Mother, rest in quiet sleep While friends in sorrow, O'er thee weep"
IshmaelRobert T.July 12, 1847Nov. 12, 1924
Beulah19121912(no last name on stone but buried next to Ishmaels)
WilsonFrances BarteeJan. 9, 1874Nov. 7, 1904Wife of Chas. F. Wilson
BarteeFrances(see Wilson, Frances Bartee)
WilsonChas. F.18701933Father"
SmithErnest N.Aug. 19, 1907.Mar. 15, 1916.Son of L.B. & D. N. Smith Gone but not forgotten
SmithMelvin O.July 11, 1902.Son of L.B. & D. N. Smith Gone but not forgotten
BangioloVelma I.19031936
SmithDella N.18831943
MibbOra E.18791957
MibbBetty E.18871949
MibbHerschel O.Mar. 6, 1926June 22, 1998S1 US NAVY WWII
HenryJames L.Sept. 11, 1909Oct. 23, 1968Illinois PFC 135 General Hospital World War II
HenryMary MarieSept. 14, 1901Feb. 23, 1971
RayDorothy C.Feb. 11, 1920Jan. 4, 1999
RayJames W.June 30, 1913June 20, 1972
GriffinRoy E.18911936Father
GriffinDonna J.19351938Dau.
BlairJohn187019__ (blank)
BlairNettie Nelly18711925His Wife
ShanklandLeeBorn Mar. 30, 1878Died Dec. 6, 1889Son of R.H. (or B.H.) & E. Shankland "God in his wisdom called the Boon his love had given and though the body moulders here, the soul is safe in Heaven." (the stone is now within a large bush)
BlairEdward L.Born Sep 10, 1881Died Aug 10, 1893Weep not dear mother for he has gone where ___ness_______"
BlairAlva C.19041922
HallidayViola May18921919Dau. of J.W. & E. Holliday
HallidayVenaborn June 30, 1906died Aug 30, 1906"Children of J.W. & Emma Halliday"
Three hearts connected (tombstone shape)
HallidayVeraborn June 30, 1906died Aug. 31, 1906"Children of J.W. & Emma Halliday"
Three hearts connected (tombstone shape)
HallidayVetaborn June 30, 1906died Sept. 7, 1906"Children of J.W. & Emma Halliday"
Three hearts connected (tombstone shape)
HallidayJohn W.18561936
HollidayEmma18731948Wife of John
HallidayWilliam E.18901938"Brother"
Shankland (?)William D.19021904
Shankland (?)Lena M.18921904
GriffinMay 21, 1895May 4, 1896aged 11mo 13ds.dau. of John & Martha Griffin
Griffin_________died Aug. 26, 1887aged____________J. & M. Griffin (cannot read inscription)
GriffenEsther E.Apr.22-281907
GriffenLena18921904(no other info)
GriffenWilliam19021904(no other info)
GriffenMartha18671917His Wife
RickardWillie H.died Feb. 11, 1876aged 9 mos.son of J.A. & P. A. Rickard
RickardIda Maydied Jan. 29, 1876aged 2yrs. 2ms. 2ds.dau of J.A. & P. A. Rickard "We loved this under little one and would have wished her stay. But let our Father's will be done She shines in endless day."
RickardJamesdied Oct. 1, 1872aged 8ms. 8dsson of J.A. & P. A. Rickard "From my gracious Lord was sent To my parents only lent. Back to the Lord I must return So tender parents do not mourn."
PlueSarah James(no other info)
PlueJames(not sure but this stone says Sarah James, perhaps it's both of them)
PlueMynnia Mayborn Sep. 15, 1893.died Mar. 16, 1897dau. of James and Sarah Plue "Weep not Father and Mother for me For I am waiting in glory for thee."
IshmaelUnis Curdadied Aug. 9, 1871aged 7ys. 6ms. 8ds.daughter of J. & M.J. Ishmael
IshmaelJames E.born June 24, 1828died July 22, 1903aged 74ys. 28ds.Gone but not forgotten
IshmaelMarinda J.died July 31, 1867aged 35ys. 3ms. 2ds.wife of James Ishmael
BryanMaryborn Feb. 26, 1803died Aug. 24, 1865"Mother" wife of James Bryan
BaxterJohndied July 28, 1868Aged about 40 years
DowellGeorge T.(unable to read date)
ShanklandGeromedied Nov. 30, 1874Infant son of J.M. & S.M.
ShanklandRobertdied Dec. 25, 1872aged 1yr. 2ms. 5ds.son of J.M. & S.M. (Unable to read inscription)
ShanklandMertisdied Dec. 29, 1887aged 5ms. 24ds.dau. of J.M. & S.M. "I sleep in Jesus"
ShanklandSarah M.died Aug. 13, 1879aged 40ys. 4ms. 21d.wife of James M. "Gone but not forgotten"
ShanklandJas. M.18371901Husband
ShanklandLydia E.Aug. 6, 1858Dec. 11, 1917wife of James M.
ShanklandBenton L.born May 6, 1861died Mar. 17, 1886(?)son of James and Sarah M.
ShanklandArchibald L.Apr. 25, 1891(?)Aug 15, 1898son of M.L. & H. O. Shankland
ShanklandRoss S.born Jan 7, 1884died June 25, 1905son of J.M. & L. E.
HansenEmely M.died Feb. 20, 1869aged 14ys. 4m. 1d.dau. of J.M. & A.H. Hansen
McHenryInfantson of J. & M.
ThomasDanialborn Oct. 18, 1874died Sept. 6, 1875son of R. & J.
ThomasJ.N.f.born anddied Feb. 28, 1884son of R. & J.
ThomasRhodaborn May 1847died May 28, 1889wife of J. Thomas
ThomasInfant dau.born Dec. 22, 1887died Dec. 25, 1887
ThomasMary L.born May 8, 1840died Nov. 24, 1897wife of John Thomas "Look up to ___ light and song though no one says farewell"
ThomasJohnborn June 26, 1847
McHenryJosephborn Mar. 23, 1838Died Sept. 22, 1889Our father and Mother are gone, they lie beneath the sod. Dear parents, though we miss you much We know you rest with God.

Pulpit shaped stone Husb. on one side, wife on other
McHenryMaryborn May 15, 1845died Nov. 17, 1895(also see McHenry, Joseph for stone description and inscription)
MocilanDolores AnnDec. 9, 1917Sept. 29, 1973Devoted wife and mother of eight
LaneFlossie A.Apr. 12, 1899Apr. 30, 1937
KingDonald M.born Nov. 19, 1910died Oct. 7, 1912son of W.H. & E. King
LaneEugene B.Dec. 22, 1920Dec. 15, 1938
KingWilliam H.18711957
LaneJohn BrachOct. 22, 1860July 30, 1931
KingE. Lee18901943
KingErnest EwellApril 12, 1914Feb. 13, 1990stone shows rings with ribbon entwined and date: Sept. 14, 1932
KingRita DorisApril 10, 1915Dec. 26, 2000stone shows rings with ribbon entwined and date: Sept. 14, 1932
KingRhonda JeanMar. 2, 1964inf. dau. of Wanda & Richard King
MorrisBeulah M.Aug. 2, 1910Oct. 22, 1986
MorrisScottApril 15, 1894Dec. 2, 1961Illinois PVT US Army WWI
DaviesFlorence F.Jan. 24, 1917Oct. 27, 2001
DaviesWilson C.Apr. 10, 1904Apr. 9, 1988Mason symbol on stone
YoungEsther A.19131993Absent in body but present in spirit
YoungRobert L.18881969Absent in body but present in spirit
McCaulleyJohn H.Sept. 8, 1880Oct. 19, 1955PVT CO B 4 RGT TENN INF SP AM WAR
RayMargaret E.Oct. 1, 1844Dec. 7, 1941
RayAlbertisJan. 24, 1832May 15, 1918Veteran's marker
AtterberryIdella J.18671943
FriendSarahdied Sept. 8, 1912aged 46yrs. 4ms. 20ds.
AtterberyBertha L.18921897dau's of I. & I.J. (shares stone with infant sister)
AtterberyInfantSep 28 1900dau's of I. & I.J. (shares stone with Bertha L.)
IshmaelMary Belle18851919wife of Rev. Jas. A. Ishmael
RayMilsa K.born Feb. 14, 1883Died July 22, 1901
FriendLillie J.18781931Mother
FriendC. Frank18701935Father
FriendEthel May18941916
FriendDewey E.18981918
FriendBessie Gertrudeborn Dec. 27, 1896died Mar. 2, 1897inf. dau. of F. & L. Friend "budded on earth to bloom in Heaven"
FriendNora Belleborn June 1, 1892died July 27, 1896dau. of F. & L. Friend (unable to read inscription)
FriendC.C.Jan. 2, 1835.Aug. 24, 1908.
FriendSarah A.Apr. 4, 1842Feb. 24, 1913his wife (C.C. Friend)
FriendJoedied Oct. 20, 1894aged 43yrs. 8ms. 25ds.
HunterLoren O.born Dec. 14, 1885died Feb. 10, 1890son of A.J. & A.R. Hunter
PackerW.M.Jan 22, 18?8aged 33yrs. 10ms. 16ds.(inscription--unable to read) (not sure if date is birth or death date)
John R.son of ___ (unable to read)
FrendJames H.born Aug. 4, 1811.died Apr 1, 1884.
FriendJames H.(see Frend, James)
FriendCatherinedied ??63 yrs. 2mo.wife of J.H. Friend (stone broken)
FriendGeorge W.died Dec. 11, 1869aged 4yrs. 9mos.son of C.C. & S.A. "Farewell little brother since God has called thee home All sister needs thee on ___" (unable to read rest of stone)
StoneMarthaborn Nov. 23, 1869died Dec. 17, 1871dau of J.C. & R.A. Stone
StoneAmanda E.born July 2, 1872died Nov. 2, 1873dau of J.C. & R.A. Stone
ClarkJohnborn Mar. 2, 1808died Nov. 1, 1875aged 67ys. 8ms. 2ds.
BonnettCharlesDied Aug. 13, 1875aged 2ys 4m 10ds_____J&M "Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not For of such is the kingdom of Heaven"
BonnettJohndied Apr. 16, 1900aged 61y. 3m. 15d.Father "at Rest"
BonnettMargaret E.Died Jan. 20, 1880aged 32y. 5m. 27d.wife of John Bonnett "Mother" "at Rest"
SkaggsMatilda A.died Feb. 1, 1879aged 34yrs 7mos __dswife of M.D. Skaggs
MorganHoward B.born Apr. 3, 1870died Oct. 7, 1900Supreme Court of Honor PLB
AtterberyGuyborn July 3, 1893died July 12, 1893son of M.O. & Jennie Atterbery
AtterberyJennieborn Sept. 29, 1869died Apr 17, 1903Wife of M.O. Atterbery
AtterberyMarion O.18611927Masonic symbol on stone
AtterberryLynn L.18761950
AtterberySarah L.18451912
AtterberyAshford18381913Masonic symbol on stone
FrankLouie E.19001934
Lewis(no other info)
BergmanJohn18901980PFC US ARMY WWI
BergmanTenaAug. 14, 1904Jan. 5, 1983
BergmanOlivineAug. 14, 1914Nov. 16, 1985We love you
SevernsWilmerJan. 17, 1910May 15, 1980TEC 4 US ARMY WWII
BarlowJames A.19132000Husband of Audrey Severns Married 1983-2000
SuttonNettie A.18941985
SuttonErnest W.18841955
SuttonWilliam C.Aug. 20, 1924Oct. 10, 2000CPL US Marine Corps WWII Korea
HillChas. F.1872no other date on stone
HillMary E.18701908his wife At Rest
(shares stone w/Chas. F)
DawsonEthel D.18881996
DawsonThomas J.18681962
DawsonDella MaeMay 5, 1875April 27, 1933
DawsonTildenOct. 24, 1876Mar. 4, 1956
DawsonMartha E.born Oct. 18, 1849no other info
DawsonJames L.born Oct. 28, 1834Died Mar. 31, 1900
BuxtonAmandaOct. 15, 1860July 13, 1925wife of Henry Buxton
BuxtonHenry L.born May 5, 1852died Aug 30, 1902Father
MibbMercydied Jan. 15, 1880aged 67 yrswife of J. Mibb
ThomasRacheldied Mar. 26, 1882aged 48ys. 4ms. 27ds.wife of A. Thomas "Resting hope of a Glori-ous resurrection"
ThomasA.born Feb. 22, 1822died Mar. 9, 1902"Fifty years a member of Primitive Baptist Church"
ThomasAlva M.died Oct. 20, 1881aged 1yr. 3ms. 9ds.son of A.& R. Thomas
ThomasInfantson of A. & R. Thomas
ThomasMargaretdied Jan 8, 1879aged 53yrs 17ds."____found a wife so dear A tender mother ___great loss we have sustained The___heart to meet again."
ThomasCharlesdied Oct. 14, 1877aged 25yrs 19dsson of A.& M. Thomas
MorganRebecca M.born Feb. 22, 1807died Dec. 16, 1877aged 70ys 9ms. 24ds.Mother "She was a kinder mother here and in ___of the Lord did___We trust our loss will be her gain And that with Christ she's gone to reign" Our Parents
MorganWm. P.born April 1, 1803died Aug. 12, 1877aged 74yrs. 4ms. 11ds.Father Our Parents (unable to read rest of inscription)
YardlyWillieborn Oct. 8, 1860died July 9, 1877aged 16yrs 9ms 1dayson of Jno. & C. Yardly stone also says "Ryder & Nance--Arenzville"
YardleyJohnDec. 8, 1833Jan. 13, 1918
YardleyCatherineFeb. 5, 1837Mar. 16, 1916his wife (shares stone w/John)
MorganRebecca I.born Apr. 19, 1852died Feb. 26, 1916At Rest
MorganCharles Chandler18671943Father
MorganWilliam R.18331901
RudowAnnaborn Nov. 20, 1855died Nov. 20, 1882Gone but not forgotten
FrankenfieldTheodoreborn Dec. 20, 1830died Feb. 27, 1898(unable to read inscription)
PowerSusan C.born Apr. 23, 1846died Aug. 1924Later wife of W.B. Power
FrankenfieldFrancis I.born July 23, 1872died July 30, 1884son of P.T. & S.C. Frankenfield "A precious one from us is gone A voice we love is stilled A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled"
MorrisJoshuadied July 15, 1881aged 80ys 3mo. 16d."No more shall sin molest thee The world no more control Go praise the Lamb who blest thee Whose call shall fill thy soul"
ZookCleo A.born Feb. 16, 1898died Jan. 8, 1899dau. of A.& M. Zook "Gone to be with the angels"
WatkinsCharles C.Mar. 22, 1885Mar. 3, 1951
WatkinsLora E. ZookJune 1, 1890Oct. 27, 1918His wife (stone w/Charles)
ZookLora E.(see Watkins, Lora E.)
DavisSarah(see Frankenfield, Sarah)
FrankenfieldSarah DavisAug. 31, 1868Dec. 31, 1904shares stone w/W.E.)his wife
FrankenfieldW.E.Sep. 28, 1866Aug. 27, 1948Gone but not forgotten
HeckmanZelda M.19111983
McHenryHarvey J.18851917Mason symbol on stone
McHenryMyrtle L.18911945his wife
AndersonRandall PaulApr. 23, 1921Oct. 23, 1924son of Roscoe & Virgie Anderson
AndersonVirgie L.18941935
McHenryGoren W.18601925Father
McHenryMary Hillyer18631948Mother
HillyerMary(see McHenry, Mary Hillyer)
McHenryJames S.18921893son
FortnayBob(no other info)
SnyderLee Irene19341986
SnyderRobertFeb. 19, 1933Mar. 11, 1986SN US NAVY KOREA
FortneyW. Robert18931956
FortneyAdrian B.July 27, 1915Feb. 16, 1990
FortneyTheoJune 28, 1917Oct. 12, 1998
SuttonWilliam S.Apr. 21, 1844Feb. 22, 1921Father Co K 114th Reg. ILL Vol.
SuttonMary E.Jan. 26, 1847July 15, 1929His wife Mother GAR
(stone w/William)
SuttonJames O.Nov. 22, 1874Feb. 14, 1909son of Sylvester & Mary E. Sutton
SamuellMorrisOct. 15, 1912May 11, 1939
CampbellMary MorrisSept. 17, 1852Dec. 21, 1939
MorrisMary(see Campbell, Mary Morris)
SamuellAndrew J.Apr. 13, 1879Jan. 15, 1961
SamuellSallia A.Sept. 5, 1882Nov. 2, 1933
SamuellPerry AddisonMar. 12, 1907Oct. 20, 1918
SamuellInf.Dec. 20, 1917Dec. 30, 1917son of A.J. & S.A. Samuell (stone actually shows date as "Dec. 20-30, 1917")
SamuellUla MyrtleJan. 26, 1904Aug. 29, 1905dau. of A.J. & S.A. Samuell
SuttonGeorgeJuly 4, 1825Sep. 6, 1905He, the last organic member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church Organized 1859
SuttonElizabethJuly 4, 1826Oct. 11, 1908His wife (George)
SuttonNathanJan. 22, 1819Feb. 4, 1900
SuttonElizabeth A.July 9, 1822Oct. 14, 1911
SuttonBenjamin R.18571947
SuttonInfantApr 21, 1896Apr 21, 1896son of B.R. & J. stone says "Born & Died Apr 21, 1896"
SuttonInfantJuly 25, 1890July 25, 1890Dau. of B.R. & J. stone says "Born & Died July 25, 1890"
FrankenfieldChristina J.18631925
FrankenfieldNoradied Feb. 18, 1887aged 6ds.dau of J.T. & C.J. (unable to read rest of inscription)
ThomasBessiewas born Nov.10, 1893died Feb. 20, 1905aged 11years 3mos. 10dayschild of George & Lillie Thomas
ThomasJames V. (or M.)died June 18, 1880?Aged 80yrs. 11ds.Farewell____ (unable to read rest of inscription)
HallSamuel C.18671946
HallJ.D.Born June 2, 1858died Mar. 8, 1901
HallParthena (?)died June 24, 1890aged 57ys 7ms. 14ds.(unable to read inscription)
HallHamiltondied June 29, 1898aged 66ys 7ms 6dsunable to read large part of inscription then "God in His wisdom has called the boon his love had given And though the body slumbers here, the soul is safe in Heaven"
LynnSarah A.Apr. 17, 1856Aug 10, 1928
HallGeorge W.born Jan. 18, 1851died Aug. 28, 1888
HallOlien L.18901932US war veteran
HallRobert Lee18851940
ThomasEllen K. Sutton18481943
SuttonEllen K.(see Thomas, Ellen K.)
ThomasGeorge W.18591944
GurnseyLilly Ann(see Thomas, Lilly Ann)
ThomasLilly Ann Gurnsey18761949
BaileyLenna M.born May 11, 1898died (unable to read)dau. of B.C. & J.R. Bailey
BaileyJulia R.Born Dec. 15, 1880died May 26, 1900wife of B. C. Bailey
SuttonElla C.18511941
SuttonPerry N.18521915Masonic symbol on stone
EacretHarrison F.19001949IL PFC 3410 ORD M MAINT CO WWII
EacretGlenna S.19051990
WarnerMildred S.19081983Mother Daughter (stone is blank on "daughter" side)
BahlBret DeanOct. 25, 1973Nov. 14, 1990Beloved son brother friend Step softly, a dream lies here. "Bretter" "Just resting"
MibbLucy(see Schaad, Lucy Mibb)
SchaadLucy Mibb18811937
UnderbrinkJan. 8, 1896Jan. 8, 1896dau. of D.H. & H.E. Stone says "Born and died Jan. 8, 1896"
IshmaelCharles M.Sept. 7, 1850Aug. 17, 1906
IshmaelLydia A.May 5, 1862Mar. 23, 1935His wife (Charles)
IshmaelCharles M.Born May 18, 1881Died Oct. 28, 1898son of M.C. & Alice Ishmael Weep not Father & Mother for us, For we are waiting in glory for thee
IshmaelLenna M.Died Aug. 17, 1897aged 1yr. 9ms. 21ds.dau. of M.C. & A. Ishmael "Budded on earth to Bloom in Heaven"
GreenwoodGladisBorn Oct. 8, 1896Died Oct. 8, 1896(unable to read inscription)
GreenwoodeA.L.May 10, 1861Dec. 26, 1904
GreenwoodInfant(no other info)
GerdesJohndied June 8, 1861aged 1mth 18dsson of Folker & Mary Gerdes
IshmaelMillie J.died June 2, 1870aged 23 ys 5ms 7dswife of R. Ishmael
IshmaelJuly 16, 1884July 16, 1884daughter of R.T. & M.E. Ishmael Stone says "born & died July 16, 1884"
IshmaelFloradied Aug. 16, 1874aged 3ys 4msdau of R. & M. Ishmael
IshmaelInfantdied Feb 1, 1883son of ___&M. Ishmael
McHenryNoradied Nov. 23, 1871aged 8ms. 21dsdau. of J. & M. McHenry "___will walk away"
Hostion,**Sarahdied Mar. 15, 1871aged____monthsdau. of C.&L. Hostion ** (or Hostick?)
MorganHannahwife of ___Morgan "Beloved in life and lamented in death" Stone broken.
H.J.(no other info)
C.L.B.(no other info)
RickardHarris M.died May 27, 1864aged 1yr. 11ms. 9ds.son of P.R. & M.C. (unable to read inscription)
MorganInfantdied Oct. 31, 1876son of J.B. & C. Morgan
T.V.(no other info)
W.W.(no other info)
died Aug 31, 1866aged 21ys. 5ms. 3ds.(no name, stone broken)
MorganMason B.died Jan. 7, 1865aged 1yr 3ds.son of J.B. & C.E. Morgan
IshmanInfantdied June 30, 1867aged 2dson of J. & M. Ishman
Source: Original Transcription by Jodi Morgan.