William W. Apperson, farmer; P. O. Mattoon; was born March 19, 1834, in Paradise Tp., Coles Co., Ill. Owns 240 acres of land all well improved but 40 acres, probable value $9,000 or $10,000; public offices held-Supervisor, one year, Commissioner of Highways, three years. Maiden name of wife Barbara Ann Rhoads; names of children – boys, George H., Frank B., William E., John J. and Charley B.; girls, Selsworth; Wm. N. Apperson is the son of Dr. John Apperson (deceased); was born in Culpeper Co., Va., Jan. 8, 1794; moved to Coles Co., Paradise Tp., Oct. 14, 1829; died June 5, 1877; was father of Sidney, Thomas A., D. H., J. R., Wm. W., Margaret, Isabella E., Mary M. Apperson. Dr. John Apperson was in the war of 1812; served as Sergeant Major.