William Kiser, farmer; P. O. Charleston; was born in Botetourt Co., Va., March 11, 1814; the same year, his parents moved to Ross Co., remaining there until 1842. Mr. Kiser lived with his parents up to the time of his marriage with Miss Mary Ann Coon, of Ross Co., Ohio, which occurred Aug. 22, 1841; in October, 1846, they moved to Coles Co., and settled on Sec. 31, living there until the year 1851, when they came to the farm upon which he at present resides, on Sec. 33; his wife was born in Washington Co., Md., near ‘Harper’s Ferry, Dec. 7, 1823; they had nine children, two boys-Adam L. (born Dec. 4, 1849), and William H. (born Dec. 30, 1864), and seven girls, five living – Polly (born July 4, 1842), Hannah C. (Nov. 3, 1844), Virginia (Feb. 10, 1847), Margaret E. (June 8, 1853-now Mrs. C. Stone, of Ashmore Tp.), Alice M. (Feb. 12,1862-now Mrs. Richard Bidle), and two deceased – Zema E. (born Nov. 26, 1857; died Nov. 12, 1873), and one died in infancy; Polly is also married to Mr. Andrew Gossett, of Hutton Tp.; Hannah C. to L. Cooper, of Ashmore Tp.; and Virginia to B. F. McMorris, of Hutton Tp.