Mrs. Joseph Waltrip; P. O. Westfield; is a daughter of Daniel Goble of Hutton Tp. She was first married to Nathaniel Lee Aug. 14, 1853, who died in the year 1856; they had one child, Cynthia (now Mrs. Reason Wiley, of Hutton Tp.); she was again married July 18, 1858, to Joseph Waltrip, who was born in Kentucky in 1819, and after remaining there until the age of 16, moved to Coles Co., and settled in Charleston Tp. on Sec. 25, engaged in farming; he had been previously married to Miss Eliza Jane Hall, daughter of Michael Hall; she died in November, 1857. Mrs. Waltrip had four children – two girls, Cynthia J. and Eliza, and two boys, one living, Wm. J., and one deceased-Daniel. She at present farms 70 acres, part of her husband’s estate of 250 acres. Mr. Waltrip died Feb. 16, 1872.