John D. Farris, farmer and nurseryman, Sec. 2; P. O. Charleston; owns 900 acres; was born in Edgar Co., Ill., Sept. 30, 1827, and was engaged with his father in farming and nursery business until 29 years of age. Was married to Eliza J. Manfort Jan. 28, 1852; she was born in Henry Co., Ky., March 16,1833; the fruit of this marriage is eight children, viz., Caleb, Mattie M., John N., Olive, Israel J. (deceased), William, Anna and one infant. Mr. Farris’ father started the first mill to grind wheat and corn in this township; people came a great distance to mill, this being the only one for miles around; Mr. Farris has carried on farming and nursery business very extensively, and has still a great variety of trees yet on hand; he has put in over 4,000 rods of tiling on his own land in the last few years; raised at one time 162 bushels of grain on one acre of land.