James H. Williams, farmer; P. O. Etna; is the son of William and Elizabeth Williams, of Culpeper Co., Va.; was born June 12, 1826, in Culpeper Co., Va.; moved with his folks to Coles Co., Paradise Tp., Ill., on Dec. 20, 1836; is the owner of 171 acres of land, valued at $4,500. Is Commissioner of Highways, and has been for seven years, also School Director for eight years, and is at the, present time. Never was married. His father, William Williams, was born in Culpeper Co., Va., Aug. 3, 1789, died Jan. 7, 1855, in the 67th year of his age; his mother (Elizabeth Williams) was born in Culpeper Co., the late war three years, in Company D., Va., April 22, 1792, died Nov. 30, 1873, 123d Volunteer Ill. in the 84th year of her age.