Andrew Walton, farmer; P. O. Oakland; born in Coles Co., III., Oct. 20, 1850; he was the son of George L. Walton, who emigrated to Coles Co. in 1844, and located in Morgan Tp.; he died in 1857. Mrs. Walton died in 1870; the children are all deceased with the exception of the subject of this sketch, who is the only surviving member of the family. After the decease of his father he worked as farm laborer until 1878, five years of which was with J. B. Williams, and four years with Watson Collins, feeding stock, etc. His marriage with Eliza A. Collins was celebrated July 7, 1877; she was born in Coles Co., Ill., June 29, 1856, upon the place where she has always lived, and which is now her home; she was the daughter of Watson Collins, of the early pioneers of Coles Co., and whose biography appears in this work.