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A-G Surnames – 1818 Pope County, Illinois Census

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Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves


NamePage #Range of Ages
Adkison, Robert14901-05-00-00
Alcorn, Isham F.14701-03-00-00
Alcorn, James14502-01-00-00
Anderson, David15101-00-00-00
Anderson, John14503-01-00-00
Armstrong, John15301-03-00-00
Arnut, John14801-03-00-00
Bageth, Isrel14802-06-00-00
Barker, Lues15001-08-00-00
Barklet, Willice15101-05-00-00
Baset, Samuel14901-00-00-00
Belford, Bengamin14801-04-00-00
Belford, William15001-04-00-00
Bennett, Richard14901-04-00-00
Blair, Alexander15001-07-00-00
Blood, James Young15101-07-00-00
Bowman, Bengeman15201-05-00-00
Braner, John15001-04-00-00
Brown, John B.14701-06-00-00
Brown, Joseph14701-06-00-00
Brown, Mathew15201-03-00-00
Brown, Thomas14901-08-00-00
Bruington, John15201-08-00-00
Buckner, James15201-02-00-00
Burdsill, Waren14901-02-00-00
Burdsill, William14901-07-00-00
Canady, Jacob15201-03-00-00
Cedon, John15302-05-00-00
Chipps, Amos14802-04-00-00
Clampet, Nethan15301-07-00-00
Clark, Owen S.14601-01-00-00
Clavert, John, Jr.14701-01-00-00
Clavert, John, Sr.14701-05-00-00
Clay, Ezekel14701-03-00-00
Clay, Isam14901-07-00-00
Colier, John15201-09-00-00
Cook, Vincen15101-03-00-00
Cousart, James15001-08-00-00
Cousart, Robart15001-03-00-00
Cousart, Thomas15001-03-00-00
Cowan, David14602-02-00-00
Cowan, Ephram14502-01-00-00
Craford, James15101-03-00-00
Crawford, John15001-11-00-00
Cribens, Thomas15101-00-00-00
Crocket, John14601-03-00-00
Cross, John15101-04-00-00
Cross, Joshua14601-02-00-00
Daniel, John15001-01-00-00
Davis, Henery14802-04-00-00
Dees, David14901-08-00-00
Dees, William15201-02-00-00
Dilard, Josaph15202-06-00-00
Diterline, John14701-07-00-00
Drurey, Lues15103-09-00-00
Dyer, Abigail14602-07-00-00
Dyer, Charels14601-10-00-00
Dyer, William14602-03-00-00
Edwards, John14601-06-00-00
Edwards, Nicoles14703-09-00-00
Edwards, Victor15101-01-00-00
Ethridge, Jonathan15101-05-00-00
Eubanks, Molten14504-01-00-00
Eubanks, William15302-08-00-00
Everet, Jessey15101-05-00-00
Evets, George14701-03-00-00
Faires, John14601-01-00-00
Faires, Robart14701-04-00-00
Faires, Robert14601-04-00-00
Fergison, Hamlet14601-00-00-00
Fields, Daniel14505-02-00-00
Fields, Green B.14504-01-00-00
Fishback, William14505-02-00-00
Fisher, Gramer15201-02-00-00
Fisk, Abram G.15002-03-00-00
Fisk, Robart15102-05-00-00
Flanery, Eliga14701-03-00-00
Flanery, Isaac14701-03-00-00
Fox, James N.14701-04-00-00
Gelespy, John P.14601-06-00-00
Ginger, John15301-01-00-00
Ginkens, John15201-08-00-00
Ginkens, Mathew15201-01-00-00
Givens, James15102-03-00-00
Givens, Robart15101-02-00-00
Givens, Samuel A.14703-03-00-00
Glass, Alexander15001-01-00-00
Glass, David14503-01-00-00
Glass, Dudly14902-12-00-00
Glass, Frances14505-03-00-00
Glass, John14501-00-00-00
Glass, John14901-04-00-00
Glass, Samuel B.15001-04-00-00
Glover, John14601-02-00-00
Glover, Ruben14601-04-00-00
Goodman, William14801-02-00-00
Gray, Daniel14601-10-00-00
Green, Allen14802-07-00-00
Green, Jessey15301-08-00-00
Green, Richard15301-04-00-00
Green, Ruben15301-03-00-00

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