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A-D Surnames – 1818 Union County, Illinois Census

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Name: Head of Household
Page: Page of Census Listing
Range of Ages:

1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards
2nd Number – All other white inhabitants
3rd Number – Free persons of colour
4th Number – Servants or slaves

NamePage #Range of Ages
Abernathy, James17401-04-00-00
Abernathy, Washington17202-04-00-00
Abro, Joseph17301-04-00-00
Achard, Jonas17401-05-00-00
Adams, Thomas17601-05-00-00
Alexandria, William M17601-00-00-00
Allen, Arthur17900-02-00-00
Allen, Car17702-05-00-00
Allen, George17901-02-00-00
Allen, James R.17901-02-00-00
Allen, Leonard17901-05-00-00
Allen, Mathew17901-04-00-00
Allen, Nezebe17901-08-00-00
Armor, Oliver18101-04-00-00
Arndell, David17801-03-00-00
Arnett, Nathaniel17201-01-00-00
Auston, Ralph17101-05-00-00
Axley, Robert18101-05-00-00
Axly, Plesant18001-11-00-00
Baney, Banaja17601-01-00-00
Baringer, Henry17702-07-00-00
Barker, John17701-06-00-00
Barten, William17501-06-00-00
Beggs, Alexandria17601-06-00-00
Beggs, Alexandria17901-09-00-00
Beggs, Arichibel17601-08-00-00
Beggs, Isaac17401-07-00-00
Beggs, Robert17501-05-00-00
Bigerstaff, William17701-03-00-00
Billingsly, Bazzel17401-06-00-00
Blanks, Jesse17801-00-00-08
Boges, Joel17101-09-00-00
Boon, Mary17200-04-00-00
Boon, Squire17301-06-00-00
Boren, Hoza17601-08-00-02
Boren, John17601-06-00-02
Boren, Margain17601-03-00-00
Boren, Susanna17600-05-00-00
Bostel, Nathaniel17601-07-00-00
Bradley, Charles17801-03-00-00
Bradley, John18101-03-00-00
Bradshaw, Elizabeth17500-03-00-00
Bradshaw, John18102-07-00-03
Brown, David17301-07-00-00
Brown, George, Jr.18001-05-00-00
Brown, George, Sr.18001-02-00-00
Brown, Greenberry17901-02-00-00
Brown, Jacob18201-05-00-00
Brown, James17701-04-00-00
Brown, Jeremiah17101-04-00-00
Brown, John17101-09-00-00
Brown, Richard17201-06-00-00
Brown, Rosanna17600-05-00-00
Brown, William17901-08-00-00
Bryant, Elijah17403-01-00-00
Bug, Henry17201-02-00-00
Burden, John17101-05-00-00
Butcher, Jacob17201-08-00-00
Butcher, Samuel17201-04-00-00
Cambert, Josiah17901-05-00-00
Campbell, Charles18001-09-00-00
Canada, Isaac17401-06-00-00
Canns, Darius17600-04-00-00
Carney, Zimmy17602-03-00-00
Casa, Robert17801-06-00-00
Clanton, Sion17601-09-00-00
Clap, Adam, Jr.18101-01-00-00
Clap, Adam, Sr.18102-05-00-00
Clark, Johnathan17601-06-00-00
Click, Peter18001-06-00-00
Cluts, Henry18101-05-00-00
Coalmen, Jude18200-02-00-00
Cohenn, James17401-02-00-00
Coleman, Daniel T.18101-00-00-00
Comer, Abraham17801-04-00-00
Coniers, John17601-04-00-00
Corgen, Patrick17201-06-00-00
Cotner, David17802-06-00-00
Cox, Thomas, Jr.17201-05-00-00
Cox, Thomas, Sr.17801-04-00-05
Craft, Thomas17301-03-00-00
Craften, Robert18001-07-00-02
Craften, Robert W.18201-02-00-00
Crag, Hugh17401-13-00-00
Craglo, William17301-06-00-00
Crips, John17201-05-00-00
Crise, John17401-04-00-00
Crise, Katharina18101-06-00-00
Crite, George17301-06-00-00
Croswit, Harrey17701-03-00-00
Cude, Lee18101-04-00-00
Daly, John17201-05-00-00
Daniel, William17602-10-00-00
Davidson, Masias17401-09-00-00
Davidson, William17401-05-00-00
Davis, George17501-07-00-00
Deen, Thomas17401-02-00-00
Delany, Elisha17501-05-00-00
Delany, James17501-05-00-00
Delany, Thomas17601-06-00-00
Delo, Michel17101-07-00-00
Dextr, Benjamin17702-06-00-00
Dod, William18001-09-00-00
Doerty, Elizabeth18200-03-00-00
Durham, William17501-06-00-00

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