Roster of soldiers who served in the Regimental Band of Musicians, Eighth Georgia. These men were primarily from Pulaski County, GA.

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A. H. Affleck-(Detailed from Co. G) June 1, 1861 (see roster Co. G).

A. A. Marck-Co. A, June 1, 1861; succeeded Affleck as leader, January, 1862 (see Co. A).

A. Starowski-Co. G, June 1, 1861 (see Co. G).

John A. Young-Co. G, June 1, 1861; elected lieutenant, afterwards captain (see Co. G).

John H. Lowery-Co. G, June 1, 1861; killed at First Manassas (see Co. G).

F. Schwab-June 1, 1861 (see Co. C).

Chas. Henry Speer-June 1, 1861 (see Co. F).

J. M. Harris-June 1, 1861 (see Co. *).

Felix A. Williams-June 1, 1861; surrendered April 9, 1865 (see Co. C).

“Bill” Parish-June 1, 1861 (see Co.).

W. E. Connally-June 1, 1861 (see Co. F).

M. M. Dupree, March 23, 1862 (see Co. *)

P. J. Wray, July 16, 1862 (see Co. K).

J. R. West-September 12, 1862 (see Co. *).

W. C. Edwards-November 2, 1864 (see Co. *).

John H. Holmes-Died June 1864.

P. Kreuger-Deserted to enemy and took oath of allegiance, July 1863.