These are payments allowed and paid to the citizens of Georgia under the fourth article of the Treaty with the Creek Nation, on the 8 February, 1821, for losses occasioned by Indian depredations; also, a statement of the claims disallowed, and the reasons for the rejecting the same, exhibiting, separately, such as have been rejected on account of their being for property destroyed, and such as have been refused payment, in whole or in part, because they were for interest, damages, or the increase of slaves carried away, and distinguishing them from such as have been disallowed for defect of evidence.

Note: If your ancestors is found in the list of payments, then they probably are NOT Native American. These were payments made primarily to white citizens for “depredations” caused by Native Americans.

Source: Payments to Citizens of Georgia, Issue 268 of Document, United States 20th Congress, 1st session, 1828, Gales & Seaton, 1828