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Payment – 11

Payments to Claims

Claims admitted.

1793. Sarah Parker. Three. horses,
Allowed. Provided for by the treaty of Coleraine. The value of the property is ascertained by reference to the original claim, sworn to in 1802, and supported by the evidence of two witnesses.



1793. Isaac Dennard. One horse,
There being no evidence in support of this claim, it must be rejected.
100.00 .
1775 to ’82. Samuel Alexander, deceased.  Eight horses, seventy head of cattle,
This claim i provided for by the treaty of Augusta; and, although, all the charges are not supported by full proof. it is considered a fair claim, and is recommended to the favorable consideration of the President. The charges for property destroyed ought not to be allowed, because they are not provided for by the treaty.
1,115.00146.78 .
1790, ‘2. Joseph McCutchen. Three horses,
Allowed. Provided for by the treaty of Coleraine.
. 260.00
1791. James Smith. Four horses,
Allowed. Provided for by the treaty of Coleraine.
. 275.00
1790. John Tanner, deceased. Four horses,
Allowed. Provided for by the treaty of Coleraine. The charges for the horses lost in May, 1790, are rejected. They are comprehended in the treaty of New York.
180.00 .
1788. Thomas Espey. Two horses, 278.00 .
1787, William Richards. One horse, &c. 166.00 .
1789. William Vint, deceased. Two horses, 100.00 .
1788. William Patrick. One horse, &c. 190.00 .
1788. Joseph Price, deceased. Four horses, 270.00 .
1787. James Thompson, deceased. One horse, &c 230.00 .
1788. David McClusky, deceased. Four horses, 350.00 .
1788. Thomas Rogers, deceased. One horse, 50.00 .
1788. Ezekiel Gilham, deceased. Two horses, 200.00 .
1789. William Davis. One horse, 43.00 .
1788. James Rogers, deceased. Two horses, 200.00 .
1788. Barnabas Strickland. Seven horses, 575.00 .
1788. William Mackie. Two horses, 253.00 .
1788. Thomas Mackie. Five horses, 550.00 .
1788. Samuel Mackie. Three horses, 253.00 .

MLA Source Citation:

Payments to Citizens of Georgia. Issue 268 of Document, United States 20th Congress, 1st session, 1828. Gales & Seaton. 1828. Web. 10 February 2016.
- Last updated on Jul 30th, 2012

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