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Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1780 Baptisms

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David, son of Lewis Ernst and his wife, was born Jan. 1780, baptized Feb. 27th. Sponsors were Jonathan Zipperer and his wife and Elizabeth Kiebler.

Solomon, son of Peter Freymuth and Catharine his wife, was born Feb. 25, 1780, and baptized on the 28th. Sponsors were Pastor Triebner and his wife Mary Frederica, Daniel Weitman and An- Eva widow Habor.

Sarah Connell, Daughter of Thomas Connell in Washington County in Maryland, was born on the 28th Day of June, 1778, baptized on the 27th Day of January, 1780. Godfhar and Godmother are Christopher Buntz, Anne Barbara Buntz and Rosina Miller together with the Mother of the Child Mary Connell.

Mary, Daughter of Richard Stephen and Anna his Wifes, has been born the 15th of May, 1776, and baptized the 27th of June, 1780. Parents being Godfathers.

Anne, Daughter of Richard Stephen and Anne his Wifes, has been born the 16th of April, 1778, baptized the 27th of June, 1780. Parents being Godfathers.

Elizabeth, daughter of John Adam Nessler and Dorothea his wife, was born Nov. 1779, and baptized July 22, 1780. Sponsors were Dorothea Floerl and Christine Kiefer and Ernst Zittrauer.

Catharine, daughter of John Scheeraus in Bethany, was born Sept. 9, 1780, and baptized on the l0th. Sponsors are John Michel and Mary his wife, who was represented by her daughter Catharine Rieser.

Sarah, Daughter of Nathaniel Miller and his Wifes, has been born the 28th Day of Novbr. 1778, baptized the 15th Day of Sept. 1780. Godfather, Robin Williamson and Sarah Miller Mother of the Child.

Mary, Daughter of John Lastinger and Anne Barbara his Wifes, being born the 22d of May, 1780, baptized the 29th of Sept. 1780. Samuel Kraus and his Wife Judith being Godfather and Godmother.

William, Son of John Gruber and Magdalen his Wifes, being born the 13th of Decbr., 1778, baptized the 29th of Sept., 1780. Godfather and Godmother, Samuel Kraus and Judith his Wife.

John Jacob, son of John Jacob Jaekle and Anna Regina his wife, was born Nov. 18, 1780, and baptized on the 21st. Sponsors were John Caspar Muek and Catharine his wife.

David Posthumus, son of the deceased Christian Israel Leimberger and his wife Apelona, was born Nov. 28th, and baptized on the 29th. Sponsors: Samuel Kraus and Judith his wife.

Mary, Daughter of Samuel Ihle and his Wife, being born on the 6th Day of March, 1780, baptized the 19th of Novbr. 1780. Godfathers, Christian Zipperer, Sarah Moor and Nancy Moore.

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