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Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1771 Marriages

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Robert Dickson and Suky Johns were lawfully united in marriage Jan., 1771.

John Michael Haberer and the widow Anna Eva Weidman were both lawfully united in Christian marriage Feb. 26, 1771. Ps. 33:18, 19, 20.

Jacob Meier and the widow Juliana Schmidt, and also George Gnan and Anna Franciska Rotenberger were both parties united in marriage Jan. 22, 1771. Is. 48:17, 18.

Michael Heinsman and Ursle (?) Heked were united in marriage in Zions Church, Jan. 22, 1771.

John Heckel and Hannah Margaret Heinrich were united in marriage here in Ebenezer, April 9, 1771.

James English and Mary May, both of St. Philip’s Parish in Carolina, were married on the 6. of Jun., 1771.

Samuel Bostich and Anne Mary Mane both of St. Matthew’s Parish have been married by a License from the Governor the 9 July, 1771.

Bartholomew Neibling and Anna Mary Ochs were united in marriage in Bethany, Aug. 20, 1771.

William Blair and Sibillia Earl, both in this parish, were published three times and on Oct. 26, 1771, received from me a Certificate.

William Radlif and Diana Moon, both in St. Philip’s Parish, were lawfully united in marriage here in Ebenezer, Nov. II, 1771.

William Roger and Cilia Benson, both of this parish, were both united in marriage by me here Nov. 4, 1771.

Jonathan Cole and Nancy Radlist, both in St. Philip’s Parish, were lawfully united in marriage Nov. i9, 1771.

Up to this point the number has been reported.

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