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Old Ebenezer Church, Effingham County GA – 1770 Marriages

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John Scheeraus and the widow Magdalene Epinger were both legally united in Christian marriage in Bethany, Jan. 9, 1770. The wedding text, Psalm

Matthew Weinkauf and Anna Rosina Kussmiaul were joined in marriage Jan. 16, 1770 in Goshen.

Frederick Schrempf and Sarah Dixon were joined in marriage Feb. 7, 1770.

John George Heid and the widow Mary Magdalene Schleich were united in marriage Feb. 27, 1770.

Joseph Ironmonger and Sarah Johnsten were both lawfully joined in marriage March 21, 1770.

Thomas Jones and Mary Howell, after threefold preceding publication, were both lawfully joined in marriage here in Jerusalem Church, June 11, 1770.

Adam Kessler and Hannah Kiefer were joined in marriage Aug. 14, 1770.

Richard Aephers and Nancy Brady were lawfully married on the 24th of August, 1770.

Christian Ernest Zittrauer and Hannah Reiter were both lawfully joined in marriage Oct. 2, 1770.

Matthew Bittenbach and Anna Paulus were both united in Christian marriage in Bethany, Nov. 7, 1770.

Thomas Campbell and Sarah Cox, both of St. Matthew’s Parish, were lawfully married on the 29 of Dec., 1770.

Thomas Rolbens and Sarah Harnage, both of St. George’s Parish, have been published on three several Sundays and holy days and requiring a certificate to prove it before a Justice, 1st Jan., 1770.

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