Andrew Seckinger and the widow Agnes Ziegler were joined in marriage May 17, 1756. The text was from John 16:22.

On May 31, 1756, John George Mueller and the widow Rosina Schubdrein were joined in marriage. Ps.

John George Ziegler and Anna Catherine Rau were joined in marriage June 1, 1756.

John Conrad Frickinger and Barbara Greuser were united in marriage June 8, 1756. The text was Ps. 143:10.

Andrew Greiner and Barbara Hirschmann were joined in marriage July 26, 1756.

Mathias von Alman and Anna Magdalene Folcker were united in marriage here August 6, 1756.

Jacob Frederick Kiefer was united in marriage with a young woman from Carolina, Anna Mary Winnagler, August 3, 1756. The text was Ecclus. 50:24-26.

Jacob Tussing was united in marriage with the widow Mary Kaemmel, Sept. 14, 1756. Text Matt. 24:37-39.

Hugh Kennedy was united in marriage with the widow Schremps, Sept. 22.

N. B: Up to this point those married were sent on Dec. 6, 1756 to Mr. Broughton.