Following is a list of officers of the First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Companies, 14th Military District

First Company-Benjamin Harrell, captain
T. J. Baker, first lieutenant
S. C. Nicholson, second lieutenant
Willis Harrell, third lieutenant
I. B. Hamilton, fourth lieutenant

Second Company
I. E. Booth, captain
Seaborn Jones, first lieutenant
P. H. Purser, second lieutenant
I. T. Ard, third lieutenant
W. A. Rouse, fourth lieutenant

Third Company
D. Sapp, captain
J. M. Stokas, first lieutenant
W. W. Dishgo, second lieutenant
J. H. Anderson, second lieutenant
Ed. Pipkin, third lieutenant
John W. Simpson, fourth lieutenant.

Fourth Company
A. C. McPhail, captain
N. Y. Powell, first lieutenant
J. D. Eubanks, second lieutenant
J. D. Mitchell, fourth lieutenant

Fifth Company
R. G. Fulghum, captain
William McKinney, first lieutenant
D. H. Hendly, second lieutenant
James Chalker, third lieutenant
R. Mercer, fourth lieutenant
John J. Lee, major (from Pulaski County)

James Cowart, adjutant, 14th Military District, from Pulaski County
Joseph B. Mitchell, major, 36th Regiment, Georgia Militia
R. M. Rose, captain, 542d District, 36th Reg,t.. Ga. M.
Seaborn E. Jones, captain, 387th District, 36th Regt., Ga.
M. B. H. Harrell, captain; 364th District. 36th Regt., Ga.
M. Joseph Jackson, captain, 511th District, 36th Reg,t., Ga.
M. John C. Walker, captain, 317th District, 36th Regt., Ga.
M. R. G. Fulghum. captain, 764th District, 36th Regt., Ga.
M. Thomas F. Walker, captain, 350th District, 36th Regt., Ga.
M. Franklin Lee, captain, 349th District, 36th Regt., Ga.
M. Oliver Hall, captain, 384th District, 36th Regt., Ga.
M. John W. Walters, captain, 348th District, 36th Reg., Ga.
M. James Cowart, colonel, 36th Regiment, Georgia Militia.
J. J. Lee, major, 36th Regiment, Georgia Militia.