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Georgia Light Infantry – Columbus Muscogee County Georgia

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J. S. CALHOUN, Captain.
E. R. GOULDING, 1st Lieutenant.
H. C. ANDERSON, 2d Lieutenant.
W. B. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant.
ASA B. HOXIE, 2d Sergeant.
W. T. SMITH, 3d Sergeant.
M. H. BLANDFORD, 4th Sergeant.
R. R. HOWARD, 1st Corporal.
A. SCOTT, 2d Corporal.
TH. REYNOLDS, 3d Corporal.
GEO. LINDSAY, 4th Corporal.


E. C. Allen
Lucius A. G. Allen
James Arledge
Charles J. Barrow
Leonidas T. Belk
William Blankenship
George W. Bronson
Zachariah Boothe
Amor Boyd
Frederic E. Brooking
Jesse S. Bryan
Calvin Bryant
Young G. Burke
Lewis Chandler
Cicero J. Clarke
David S. Cooper
Joseph Crepps
James T. Cunningham
John R. Cushing
Stephen Daniels
Richard Delanay
Absalom M. Dennis
Nathan B. Duke
James F. H. Ellington
John H. Ellis
William Forsyth
Bryant Farmer
William Farmer
Peter F. Farrar
Michael Fitzpatrick
Thomas R. Flournoy
Richard Fox
Albert L. Garrard
Thomas Gilbert
Obadiah B. R. Graham
Jackson M. Greenhow
Sidney Grigg
James R. Hanson
Upton S. Heath
William M. James
John G. Jones
James E. Johnson
William Kelley
Joseph Kelley
James Kellogg
John Law
Robert D. Lee
James Love
Alexander Lowther
John R. Moore
William Myrick
Duncan H. Nix
Henry C. Overton
Henry S. Orr
Andrew J. Pickens
William V. Porter
Lincoln Preble
John W. Park
Jesse B. Reeves
Granville L. Robinett
Joseph T. Robison
James T. Rogers
William M. Rogers
Lucius C. Saunders
Samuel Hedge
Samuel B. Spencer
Lindsay Showse
Thomas B. Teate
J. Thaddeus Thoxlpson
Micajah W. Thweatty
William H. Trawick
James S. Wells
Francis H. Whithurst
Charles R. Wiggins
William Wilton
Thomas R. Wilson
Gilbe C. J. Wright
Lawrence A. Wright

William McCullough
James M. Stonaker

MLA Source Citation: Georgia Volunteers for the War with Mexico. Web. 23 July 2016.
- Last updated on Aug 19th, 2014

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