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Early Pulaski County Georgia Register Books

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There are four volumes of records in the Ordinary’s office, from which the following abstracts of wills and of estates have been taken. The first volume is not marked by alphabetical order, and contains only six wills, dating from 1809 to 1816; the second volume, Book A, covers the years 1810 to 1848; the third volume, Book B, from 1853 to 1906; the fourth volume, Book C, from 1910 to 1935.

As a key to understand the abbreviations: w. is for wife; d. daughter; s. son; b. brother; c. child or children; h. heirs; g.c: grandchildren; m. mother; f. father; s.l. son-in-law; d.l. daughter-in-law; b.l. brother-in-law; sis. sister; n. nephew; n. niece; cou. cousin

Since this index was created in order of how they’re listed in the Will Book, it’s best to conduct a search for the surname of the person you’re searching first.

Register Book A

Sanders Bush, w. Mary; children.

Solomon A. Hopkins, w. Nancy; s. William.

Stephen Pennington, w. Elizabeth; s. Jesse, William; d. Abigail Holly, Rachael Harris; g.s. John.

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Philipp Jones, w. Nancy; s. Henry, Samuel; d. Mary Tooke, Eliza Artemesia Polly Tooke.
Mark Mason, W. Sarah; s. Redmon; d. Mary Dees, Nancy Dees, Sarah.

William Roberts, w. Ann; s. Josiah, Sherrard, Simon, Benjamin; d. Elizabeth, Patience; s. Henry.

James Lambert, w. Sarah; s. Redmon; d. ‘Mary, Nancy, Sarah.

Daniel P. Snell, w. Annie; children.

Elizabeth Roberts, b. Benjamin.

William Isler, w. Nancy; s. Frederick; d. Eliza, Sarah, Hannah.

Jonathan Faircloth, h. Frederick Kinchen, Benjamin; sis. Mary Howell, Patsy Sebut; c. Thomas Howell, John Howell.

Thomas Phelps, h. Mary Horne; n. James Exum Phillips.

Neil Ards, w. Esther; children.

John Jones, s. Thomas, Arthur. Samuel; d. Mary; g.c. John, Mary.

Joseph Reeves, “wife”; s. Mills B., John, Abner; d. Patsy, Santhy, Anne, Frances, Peggy.

William Davis, d. Rachel Susan; s. Micajah, William, Thomas.

Jessie Trawick, w. Betsy; s. Shadrack, Frederick; d. Army, Tempy, Polly; h. Bancass.

Thomas Clayton, s. James, Thomas, Nelson, William, DeLamar.
David Duhart, d. Betsy; n. Daniel Sturgis, Robert Sturgis; n. Mrs. Rachel Williams, Mrs. Rebecca Pitts.

Allen Scarborough, w. Nancy; children.

Sutton Trulock, w. Mary; d. Jenny, Elizabeth, Sarah; s. James, Sutton.

Joseph Regan, w. Elizabeth; s. John Joseph, Spate.

Charles Haddock, d. Sarah Sutton, Mary Mills, Martha Haddock; s. William; g.s. Charles Mills; g.d. Dicy Edwards.

Raleigh Roebuck, w. Lydia; s. William, James, Harry, Julius; d. Tilpha Boatwright, Polly Mayo, Phoebe Wamble. Rachel Righy, Lydia Griffin.

James Roach, w. Elizabeth; s. Stephens, David, Greenberry, James, Spencer; d. Susannah, Elizabeth, Sally.

William B. Mcgehee, sis. Catherine Urgerhart; n. Martha Wilkerson, Mrs. Glenn, Harriet Harvey, Zilphia Wright, Sarah Anne Garner, Catherine Ansley; n. James Allen, William Allen, William Berry, John Urgerhart, John W. Allen; h. John Rawls, Ferney Gatlin, Marshall Keith, Lewis Wood, Mrs. John Rawls, Mrs. Robert Taylor, Mrs. Ferney Gatlin; n. John Allen.

George Kornegay, d. Margaret, Rebecca, Zilpha, Lettice, Sally, Rocky, Liza, Siville, Susannah; s. Bazzel, Daniel; g.c. Betsy, David, Fountain, Needham.

Richard Hainds, Friend, Daniel Cornwall.

Samuel McCombs, d. Mary Grice, Eliza Davidson; s. James, Matthew B., William Lounds.

David Fitzgerald, w. Sarah; s. Littleton David, John William; d. Christain, Polly, Patsy, Elmira.

Frederick Barber, w. Mary; s. Thomas, Jonathan, Frederick; d. Elefair, Mary Caroline; g.c. James William Thomas, Green McVay, Mary Francis, Stonewall, and Allison McVay.

Temperance May, s. Allen, John; d. Nancy, Tabitha, Tarissa; f. John Adams.

Ica Atkins, w. Mary; s. L. B., Ica, John; d. Grace Atkins, Sarah Phelps, Jane Mitchell. Mary Howell, Littis Matthews.

John Harvey, w. Elizabeth; children.

William Mays, w. Polly; s. James Jefferson; g.s. William Washington Stevens.

Edward Burch, Sr., w. Mary; adopted son. E. A. Burch, Jr.; kinsman, John Burch.

Jeremiah Gilstrap, w. Anne; s. Idolet; d. Elizabeth; Mary. Evelina.

Daniel Spann, w. Christian; s. Henry, James, Abram, John; d. Mary Jane, Rachel, Rebecca.

Moses Sutton, w. Sally; s. Warren, William; d. Louise.

Mary Bush, s. Abram, John, Sanders, Richard, William; d. Jane, Rachel, Rebecca.

Edwin Vickers, sis. Nelly Gardner; h. James Vickers, Joseph, Thomas, Nathaniel Mercer.

Thomas Smith, w. Jurushae; s. Henry, Thomas, Ned; d. Sarah Dawson; g.s. Thomas Smith.

James M. Taylor, w. Mary; m. Sarah Taylor; s. John J. Taylor, Nicholas, Edward; d. Caroline Ralls, Mary, Eliza, Julia Ann; s.l. John Ralls; d. Mariah.

Arthur Tooke, w. Mary; s. John, Henry; d. Mary Ann.

Jordan Anderson, w. Polly; s. John, Laurence, Robert, Henry, Thomas; d. Betsy, Polly.

Needham Stephens, w. Margaret; s. Korneagay, Henry Needham, William; d. Mourning Elizabeth, Susannah.

Allen Tooke, b. Arthur Sterling; sis. Mary; children of John Tooke and Joseph Tooke; h. Hannah Tooke.

Mary Jones, s. Hartford, Haas; g.c. Samuel, Francis, Lucy.

Daniel Regan, w. Mary; s. Joseph, Elias; d. Emily, Martha, Olive, Charlotte, Elizabeth Ann.

Bartlett Barber, w. Mary; b.l. John Farnell; n. Martha Mathias.

William Jelks, s. James O, William C.; d. Nancy; g.s. James Lee; g.d. Mary, Antoinett, Harriet Ivey.

John Crawford, w. Elizabeth; m. Cyntha; b. Silas, Zeke, William; sis. Cyntha Nancy.

John A. Trull, g.d. Mary Nancy Ferriby.

Abraham Wood, s. Martin, Matthew, Levi.

John Rozar, w. Marian; s. Shadric, Charley, Seaborn; d. Eady, Galley, Terrisey; s.l. Joseph Regan, Nimrod Philipps, Elias Ragan, Brincy Ferta, Charlie Ragan.

John Daniel, s. James, John, Moses; d. Nancy, Sarah, Saphronia, Mary; g.s. John and James Bishop; g.d. Rebicah; s.l. Simmien Bush, George Wilcox, Norman McDuffie.

James Bracewell, s. James, Duncan, Joseph, Thomas, Burwell.

Philipp Dillard, w. Elizabeth; s. Sampson, Nicholos, James; d. Maria, Elizar Ann, Rebecca, Sarah.

Needham Stevens, b.l. Benjamin Howell; n. William Needham Horn; b.l. Theophilus Sutton.

Job Thigpen, s. Joseph, James, Nelius, Lott, Lemuel, Ranold, John; d. Mary, Apna.

George Pitts, w. Caroline; b. Lunsford Pitts.

Nathan Maddox, w. Sarah; d. Sarah; step-sons James, Elisha.

Mary Bostick, d. Caroline; g.d. Martha Mary Bracewell; s.l. James N. Bracewell.

Sanders Coalson, w. Rebecca; s. Kindred B., Andrew J., William, Thomas, John, Paul and children; d. Winneford, Charity.

William Hendley, w. Milley; s. William, Horton; d. Saphronia, Sally, Elizabeth, Nancy, Jane, Milley, Mary, Martha.

Rebecca Coalson, n. Nathan Wamble; step-son Andrew Coalson; g.n. James and Mary Watson, Peggy Nelson, Nancy Bishop.

Simeon Bishop, w. Nancy.

Epps Wallace, w. Anne; d. Zilphia Anne.

Mary Thomas, s. Daniel J., Patrick; d. Jane, Mary, Lucinda, Elizabeth, Maria, Louisa; g.s. Herbert Thomas.

James Tripp, w. Penelope; s. Charles, John, James; d. Susan, Mary.

William Arthur, friend, Charles Walker.

James M. Sanders, grandmother, Penelope Bryan; adopted b. Calvin, Nathan, George; adopted s. Susan Bryan.

John J. Gatlin, w. Bertha; b. A. L. Gatlin.

Anthony B. C. Houghe, m. Emmie Houghe; b. Joseph, Urban, Alason, Walter, Edward; sis. Sarah, Harriett; n. Charles, Edward; n. Elizabeth, Francis, Jane, Bailey, Benesette; friend, Mrs. Maria Bill, Thomas Hough.

Jeremiah Brinson, w. Matilda; s. Paul, David, Kellam, William, Arnold, George; d. Sarah Jane, Louisa Washington.

James Dykes, w. Tabitha; s. Jacob, Floyd, Burnio; d. Nancy, Mary, Martha, Eliza.

Thomas Mcgriff, s. Thomas J., Patrick T., James; d. Polly Ann, Martha, Elizabeth, Jane, Alafair.

Nepsey Brown, s. Edmund; g.s. John; g.d. Mary Ann, Margaret.

Henry B. Hathaway, w. Hetty C. Hathaway.

Abraham Shiver, s. Burwell, Jefferson, Elijah, Jacob, Bonapart, George, Isaac, Daniel, Abraham; d. Milley, Catherine, Cansady; g.d. Hetty, Lewezer, Mentey; g.s. Jacob, William, Jackson Shiver.

William Hamilton, w. Elizabeth; s. Benjamin B., Bartlet, James M., William G., John J., Irwin B., Warren B.; d. Elizabeth Anne Harrel, Sarah Harel, Ashly B., Catherine.

Reuben Walden, w. Mary; s. Martin, Green; d. Ally Lee.

Margaret Jane Hayles, d. Emma Louisa; s.l. Needham W. Collier; g.d. Margaret Sarah Jemina; g.s. Lawson F.

Robert N. Adams, w. Rebecca; children.

Miles Harrell, w. Margarit; s. Henry, Robert, Rewben; s.l. Martin B. Everett.

Thomas D. Walker, wife and two children.

John W. Weeks, w. Ann; d. Elvania Virginia.

William S. Whitfield, w. Mary Antionet; s. James William; d. Mary Jelks, Susan Emily, Sarah Ann.

John Carruthers, s. John W., Richard C., Joseph, James L.; d. Delia Caroline L.; n. Susan Clayton.

John M. Booth, father; b. James.

Isaac Burkhalter, w. Mary Charlotte; s. Richard H., James; d. Jane Elizabeth, Sarah Howell, Arcada Ann, Martha Ann, Eliza Ann Augustus.

Henry Harrison, w. Mary I. F.; b. William N., Winder H., Allen I.

John Fleming, w. Malinda; s. John O, Duncan L., William, Count Pulaski,
Ferdinand, James; d. Catherine Williamson; g.d. Amanda M. Coney.

William M. Harrison, b. Winder, Allen; n. William, Henry; friend, Norman McDuffie.

Richard Deshazo, w. Mary; d. Susan, Eliza.

Stephen Mitchell, s. Stephen, Thomas, Richard, Isaac, Batts N., John V.; d. Eliza, Elizabeth.

John V. Mitchell, w. Jennett; s. John F:, James B., Stephen W., Zachary; d. Mary M., Sarah, Emma L., Elizabeth Lillis.

A list of wills from the early Register Books of Pulaski County Georgia.

Register Book B

Sarah P. Lester, s. Robert; d. Elizabeth, May, Josephine, Alletha.

Elizabeth Methvin, n. Moreton, Malry; step-son T. D. Boothe; h. John Marshall Boothe, James Pipper, Laura V. Boothe, Sarah E. Coombs, Mary C. Boothe, Caroline V. Beman.

Joseph Haskins, w. Elizabeth; s. William Augustus; d. Elceyann, Emily.

Reuben Whitfield, w. Rhoda; s. Pinkney, Charles, P. N., Napoleon B.; d. Rhoda Emily King, Josephine.

Henry Phelps, step-d. Frances Cowan, Elizabeth Sutton; step-son Thomas N. Sutton.

Theophilus D. Boothe, w. Elizabeth Ann; s. James Exum Philipps; step-m. Elizabeth Methvin; d. Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Charlotte, Laura Virginia, Susan Caroline, Dolly Ann, Elizabeth Antonette, John Marshall; h. Willis Allen, John W. Allen, Etheldred Exum Philipps.

Mary A. Snell, s. William M.; d. Martha I., Sarah M.; sis. E. J. Fraser; b. Thomas J. McGriff; s.l. Thomas D. L. Ryan, Joseph I. Lowry; friend, Winnifred Hill.

John D. Gordon, b. Thomas H. Gordon; sis. Hannah Jackson Belcher; heirs of Robt. W. Pate.

David Lindsey, s. Jarrotte I., Garrott, Richard; g.c. John Lindsey, Elizabeth Joiner, Mary Dewitt, Nancy Clemons, Martha Singletary, heirs of William (deceased).

John Lewis Lampkin, s. James Lewis; d. Elmira Bohannon, Charity Harrell; g.c. Charity Victoria, Mary Eudoria, Sarah Georgia Ann, Elmirader John Lampkin.
John Livingston, w. Caroline.

John S. Edwards, d. Amelia, Amanda, Ellen.

Hezekiah Smith, w. Amanda; s. William Leroy, Franklin C.; d. Eliza Jane Hinson.

John C. Rawlins, w. Sarah; n. Melissa Bush Fawcett.

John Tripps, wife and children.

John Love, w. Sarah; b. General W. Love; b.l. John S. Montgomery.

Jane Riley, s. Samuel Edward, James Bruce, William; d. Julia Eobie.

Archibald H. Odom, w. Sarah A.; m. Elizabeth; s. James, and two others.

Jacob Blount, w. Martha; s. Isaac, Mills, Jacob; d. Siddy; g.d. Judy

Hugh H. Maloy, w. Jaunett; s. Daniel H., Hugh B.

Elisha Holland, w. Mary; s. John.

Joel Horn, w. Wineford; s. Jesse D.; d. Francis Caroline, Nancy C.

David M. Wood, w. Levincy; d. Sarah J.; m. Lindel; b. Bryant A., John L.; sis. Amelia, Sally Nobles; n. John; n. Nancy.

David Walker, wife; s. Charles, David; s.l. Virgil H. Walker.

William Mullis, w. Nancy; children.

Jesse Scarborough, sis. Mary M. Scarborough.

John A. Holland, w. Josephine; s. Jesse; d. Elizabeth Juliet.

James R. Regan, m. Mary Rozier; sis. Mary E., Nancy E.

Patrick T. Scarborough, w. Eliza; s. Patrick L., Joseph M., William R., James E., Adiel C.; d. Penelope Ann E., Ann E. F., Drewny F., Sarah J., Undy C. Hobbs.

Mrs. Jane Pickett, d. Margaret Caroline Polhill, Mary Jane Taylor.

Seaborn Manning, w. Harriet J.; children.

Wright Lancaster, s. Henry, John, Jason, Washington.

B. I. A. Simmons, w. Martha A. E.; d. Martha Jane.
John A. Young, f. Henry Young; m. Mary Young; brother and sister.

Pheraba P. Wood, s. James M., William G., John G., Thomas W., Parker; d. Martha B. Hampton, Sarah T. Walker.

Orrin Clark, two children.

Matthew Grace, w. Elizabeth M.; s. Thomas H., Matthew J., John L.; daughter.

Isaac J. Meadows, n. Isaac J. Crumpler; n. Jane F. Crumpler.

William O Baskins, w. Louisa C.; s. Thomas, James O, John S., Lafayette G., Delamar J.; d. Mary F., Laura G., Calidonia V., Elizabeth A.

John J. Anderson, h. Elizabeth McPhail.

R. A. Love, m. Elizabeth Love; s. Martha L.; b. heirs of John L. (deceased).

Harriet Manning, s. Seaborn M., George M., James C.; d. Minnie S.; n. Sally A. Whitfield, Mary J. White; g.n. William S.; g.n. Lillie Antonette.

N. N. Harrell, s. Robert L., Andrew J.; d. Mariah E.. Sarah E.; b. Loveard.

Charles Love, w. Charity; s. John R., Charles, Amos; d. Nancy Elizabeth Lequin, Mary C., Emma L.; m.l. Nancy Smith.

John Rozar, w. Mary; s. Reuben.

Henry Evans, w. Francis C.; s. Reuhin R., Henry, George, Loving; d. Susan Smith.

Thomas Rodgers, w. Eliddia; s. Jessy, Culien, Benjamin, Thomas M., Montee H.; d. Laney, Sarah Jenkins.

George Walker, w. Martha C.; s. George, Richard Childers; daughters.

Levi Harrell, w. Elizabeth; s. Levi H., William H., Lovard L., Wright W., John W., Needaum W.; d. Nancy, Sarah, Ednez, Catherine, Elizabeth, Annie.

Daniel Mccabe, h. Elizabeth Matilda Williams; heirs at law.

Jacob Deyonkes, w. Sealy.

C. N. Lee, m. Alley Lee; sis. Alley H. Marchman, Matilda E.

William Lee, s. Moze, Sampson, Jonathan F.; d. Sarah C. Hamilton, Elizabeth Mullis, Emily B. Harrell, Carrie Mullis; g.d. Sarah, Nancy Elizabeth; g.s. William Levi, Eli F.
Henry P. Brandin, sis. Antonittee A.

Martha S. Walker, d. Betsey Jordan; s. George; U.S. Burrell Blake Walker; g.d. Sally Jordan Walker, Martha Spann Jordan.

Loving Evans, w. Sarah Jane; s. John Loving, Henry C.; d. May S., Martha. Catherine.

P. F. D. Scarborough, h. S. M. Manning, George Manning, James Manning, Mary Ann.

Hillary Henderson, w. Sarah; s. James T.; d. Elizabeth, Martha Jane, Elcy Anne; g.d. Nancy Elizabeth Henderson; g. s. Jasper M. D.

Alex C. Martin, w. Sarah Jane; s. John A., Thomas J., Henry, Frederick, Franklin, Charles, George W.; d. Ann Eliza, Caroline A.

James S. Daniel, w. Elizabeth; s. John J., Thomas, Simeon; d. Mary W., Rebecca S., Sarah E.

Tyra Garrotts, w. Martha; s. Tyra J., David, James; d. Louiza Mary.

James Harris, w. Sarah A.; s. J. Harris, Joseph H., James D.; d. Elvira A., Sarah E., Martha Ann, Mary W.

John Buchan, w. Anah; s. Peter Daniel, Thomas Jefferson; d. Christian Elizabeth; step-son James Dunn.

Thomas Grimesley, w. Anna; s. James Crawford; d. Amandy, Roseajane Rawlins, Palsey Warren, Anna Josephine; children of Richard T.

Nathan King, b. Thomas, Joseph; sis. Sarah Brady, Elizabeth, Isabella; g.s. John Joseph.

Isaac Blount, w. Nancy O; s. Isaac O, John Jacob.

John J. Beasleys, w. Mary; d. Ann A., Lucinda M. Wheatly, Mary A. Hunt; f. Robert Beasley.

James A. Coppage, w. Nancy; s. George W.

Dewitt Bradshaw, s. Charles J., John W.; d. Lucy An, Elizabeth Emily.

J. R. Mobley, g.c. William P. S. Mobley; n. Elennia.

W. G. Fleming, w. Mary; s. Elem G., Ferdinand P., George W.; d. Marina
E., Catherine, Nancy J., Sarah L.; b. James, Ferdinand,

A. J. Hargrove, w. Nancy Hargrove; sons and daughters.
William Cone, w. Susannah Cone.

Matthew T. Grace, w. Elmira V.; s. Matthew T.; other children.

William M. Oliver, his executor H. E. Oliver to manage his estate.

Isaac Justice, g.d. Mary E. Allen, Nancy C. Pritchett, Elmina E. Pritchett; g.s. Isaac H. Pritchett; g.g.s. Robert E. Lee Allen.

Elizabeth Phillips, d. Charlotte Exom Taylor, Martha Penelope Hooker DeLamar (deceased), and her children; children of Charlotte Exom Phillips; s. John Alexander James and his children.

Elizabeth J. Fraser, n. William M. Snell.

James Chalker, w. Sarah Jane; d. Mary E. DuPree and her children.

John R. Love, w. Susan C. Love; d. Zephyritis E. Love; s. John R. Love.

Mrs. Elmina V. Grace, s. Matthew T. Grace, Walter J. Grace; sis. Eliza Love, Cornelia King.

Matthias McCormick, s. David G., Thomas F. McCormick, children of Matthew McCormick (deceased), children of James C. McCormick; d. Frances Studstill, Eliza Jane, Nancy B.; g.d. Mary Howell, Amanda C. Howell, Margaret Howell, Mary Frances Howell; g.s. Thomas I. McCormick; w. Mary H.

James Mathews, w. Elizabeth H. Mathews; d. Sarah Jane; s. David T. Mathews, Green C. Mathews, William H.

Arthur Mock, friend Catherine Gray.

Adon Scarborough, w. Ellafair; d. Mary M. Floyd.

Sarah Jane Martin, s. John R., Charles A., George W., Thomas J., Franklin, Frederick; d. Caroline A. Merl, Anna E. Marchman.

Richard Smith, w. Serreana ; s. John Henry; d. Racheal Jane Smith.

George Martin, w. Elsa Martin; d. Elizabeth Floid, Sena Coody. Martha Floid, Sara, Mary Ann; s. James, Jacob B., Martin; g.c. James; Elizabeth Martin; s. George W.

Miles Sanders, g.s. William N. Chancey; h. of d. Elizabeth King (deceased); h. of d. Sarah Ann King; h. of d. Elizabeth McKinney (deceased); h. of d. Martha Bronson, h. of s. William M. (deceased); d. Milley Ann Holstead, Rhody McKinney, Mary Smith, Elmira Cason, Martha Sanders; s. Marion T. Sanders; adopted h. Margaret Sanders.

George F. Engrams, f. W. F. Engrams; sis. Tabitha Jane Hagood.

Moses F. Fort, w. Martha Jane Fort; children.

John Turner, w. Cynthia; d. Martha Ann, Nancy Antonette.

William H. Hendley, w. Mary J. Hendley; s. Joseph C. Hendley, William Clayton; n. E. A. Augustus Watkins.

Mrs. Rhoda Barlow, s. Solomon H. Barlow; g.c. Mollie J., Charles W., Permeely J., Rhoda L., Delia O

Mrs. Synthia Rouse, g.c. Mary E. Rouse, William A. Rouse; trustees T. J. and B. G. Lee.

James N. Shepard, m. Sarah M. West; sis. Laura J. Anderson, Martha A. Rose, Camilla Fale, Sarah Robert Shepard; c. of h. Henry S. Shepard, Clarence and Crowder Shepard.

James H. Burkhalter, w. Elsie Mary Ann.

Roberta Taylor, m. Charlotte E. Taylor; c. of sis. Louisa N. Coney; b. Augustus R.Taylor.

Mrs. Sarah M. West, g.s. Clarence and Crowder Shepard; d. Lauraine M. Anderson, Martha A. Rose, Camilla Fale, Sarah Robert Shepard; s.l. Joseph J. Anderson; s. James N.

Orran C. Horne, w. Mary Ann; d. Mary Ellen Mitchell; s. Oran Augustus.

W. S. C. Jessup, w. Eliza E.; s. William M.

James R. Coley, s. Joseph L. Lowery, Herbert Haines, Thomas McGriff, Gabriel Snell; b. J. A. D. Coley.

Mrs. Sarah N. Lovett, h. John M. Lovett; children; b. Hugh A. Haskins; cou. Joseph Burkhalter.

W. T. Vanzant, w. Frances; m. Eliza Jones; d. Loula Augusta, Minnie Lee, Emma E. Gamage, Anna V.

John W. Carruthers, s. Thomas L.; other legal heirs.

Allatia Coley, b. J. A. D. Coley; n. James Alconon Coley, Elbert Allatia Coley, William Snell Coley.

John Thomas, w. Silvia; s. Robert, Phill, William, Knowledge, Thom, Louis; d. Malida, Lucy, Susan, Pollie, Easter, Cherry Lamb.

Albert M. Veal, b. James M.

John Braddy, d.l. Mary A. Braddy, wife of s. Joseph E., and her children.

Orlie Ryan Mitchell, h. James B. Mitchell; d. Mittie Jordan Mitchell.

Robert Freeman Napier, w. Martha C.; s. Robert; d. Mary Lou, Lila.

Adam T. H. Anderson, h. William M.; John H., Robert S., Thomas I.

George Howell, w. Sallie; d. Francis, Rebecca Isabella, Manda Simmons, Mary; g.c. Nancy, Georgia, John S., John, Henry O, children of d. Jane Nobles (deceased).

J. A. J. Philipps, s. Matthew L., Seaborn M., James A.; d. Louisa D. Coney;
s.l. James W. Coney.

James L. Lampkin, w. Sarah Ann Elizabeth; d. Kathleen Jelks, Elmira E. Taylor, Penelope Walker; g.d. Kathleen Lampkin Jelks, Edwin Lampkin Jelks; f. John L. Lampkin.

Julious A. Bagby, s. Edwin Floyd Bagby; d. Mattie Warren Bagby; b. Charles W. Bagby.

W. M. Snell, w. Lula M. Snell; h. Dennis Ryan, Herbert Coley, McGriff Coley, Gabe Coley, J. L. Lowrey.

Charley Mullis, s. William J. Mullis; other children.

Arthur Newman, sis. Sarah Newman; g.s. Hawkins Kinchen; g.d. Laura Kinchen; s. Abraham W. Newman; d. Nannie C. Wood, Catherine Hunt, Georgia Daniels, Susan Partin, Alice F. Frink.

John H. Pate, w. Zilpha; s. Robert O, McLendon, Joseph W., Rolly A.; d. Eugenia S. Stetson, Mary Frances; s.l. James D. Stetson.

Miles Benbry, s. Robert T., Herschell F.; d. Alice C. Smith.

John Hobbs, s. Thomas Jordan Hobbs, Virgil C. Hobbs; d. Mary C. Hall, Eliza Herndon, Georgia Hobbs, Racheal Braswell, Piety Joiner.

Mrs. Colen Mullis, s. John; d. Martha Ann Hinson, Becky Ann Smith; g.s. Griffin Smith.

Micheal Williams, h. Mary Harrell, wife of James Harrell.

Mrs. Sarah E. Lampkin, d. Kathleen L. Jelks, Penelope Walker; s.l. Dr. Nathaniel P. Jelks.

Thomas B. Pace, Sr., w. Catherine; s. Thomas B., Jr., James G., John H.; d. Susan C., Carry V., Martha J., Francis J. Bogaine; s. William H.

James Henson, s. J. P., Eddison’s children, John’s children; d. Malinda White, Edna Burch. Nancy Mullis; g.d. Mary Bush, Frances Jane Mullis.

Joseph L. Mitchell, w. Sarah Jane; s. James M., John L., Louis Alonso; d. Emma, Cora May, Alice Hughes.

Green W. Bateman, w. Mary F.; d. Matilda Scarborough; g.s. Jessie G., William Spurlin, John F., Robert B. Wynne; g.d. Emma Adkins, Mary M. and Georgia H. Bateman, Ella Spurlin, Sarah Bowlan.

John C. Mullis, s. Johnnie Mullis; d. Ary Susan.

Redding Brinkley, ,w. Susan M.; d. Lizzybeth, Mary Louisa Watson s. George, Robert.

O P. Churchwell, w. Rebecca A.; d. Ada; s. Oliver P., John B.

Mrs. Emma V. Morgan, h. G. H. Morgan, and children.

Charles T. Lathrop, w. Mary Elizabeth; sis. Almira Swift; n. John, Carrie Lou Swift, Kate, Lula, Charlena, Annie, Elizabeth, and Harvey, children of b. James W. Lathrop; n. Carrie Ryals, Pier Young, Dan Young, children of Caroline Kenedy, sis. (deceased); n. Leonora Parsons; h. Charles and W. N. Parsons, B. F. Parsons, Hawkinsville Library Association.

Duncan G. Mckenny, w. Selena; s. John B., William H.; d. Harriet Reynolds, Camella.

Mrs. Adeline L. Mckinney, h. M. AI. McKinney; s. William M., Walker K., Frederick M., Hollis J.; d. Sallie B., Adeline I., Nancy L.

William E. Helms. w. Nancy; s. John E., Joseph S.; d. Dolly Ann Brown; g.c. William Rufus Dykes, Willie Dykes, Georgia Frances Dykes.

Amanda L. Anderson, s. Walter Henry Anderson.

Mrs. Bettie Harris Lowe, h. Aaron A. Lowe.

Iverson F. Collins, wife; d. Mildred D. Collins; s. Henry R., Mills B.

B. B. Dykes, h. Mary Eliza Gilbert and her children, Hattie Clara Dykes, Elly Susan Dykes; s.s. Ham S. Sharon.

S. M. Blount, n. Mills B. Collins, Henry Rufus Collins; n. Mildred Lee Collins.

Mrs. Henderson Hendricks, h. Thomas R. Hendricks; children.

Mrs. Emily Haddock, cou. S. M. Blount, S. C. Collins; sis. Sallie haddock, d. of Luke and Martha Haddock; Rebecca A., Malinda, d. of Polly and Melton Ham; Mary A., Elizabeth, Susan E., d. of Amey and Richard Saulter; Mary A. Bryant, John B. Holmes, James R. Holmes, c. of James R. Holmes; five d. of Narcissa C. Clark.

Mrs. Mary C. Sperry Brown, s. Brian Sperry Brown; sis. C. N. Sperry; b. C. A. Sperry.

James O Jelks, w. Mary Shine; s. Exum Nathaniel, Thomas Mosely; d. Mary Mallory, Leonora, Anna.

P. M. Solomon, d. Ella. Claudia; s. Peter Edge, Robert Ramsey, Ed. Mills, Hugh Solomon, Mark; b. M. E. Solomon.

John Henry, w. Civility Henry; d. Amanda L. Caldwell; s. E. J. Henry.

S. E. Jones, d. Siddy McNair; s. Abeline C., Algernon R., Allen S. E., Ausburn S., Anderson T., Adon H., Ashley W.

J. W. Chancey, s. J. T. Chancey, Emmett, George; d. Mollie Clark, Josephine Burn, Colia Chancey, Mrs. M. H. Taylor, Ethel; g.d. Claud Clark.

William Smith, w. Eliza R.; s. Hughey A., Reuben L.

Mrs. Mary H. Taylor, d. Ethel E.; s. Emmett B., George M.; b. George W. McCall; friend Mrs. M. V. Grice.

Adam B. Mcgehee, d. Tallulah.

L. C. Ryan, w. Eleanora.

Jessie Blackshear, w. Catherine; s. Lewis, Calvin, Ben, Aaron, John; d. Carrie.

Mrs. Sebelia J. Fleetwood, h. W. N. Fleetwood; s. Shine Fleetwood.

Amos Floyd, w. Elizabeth; s. Frederick, Arch, J. J., G. W., Shade, Amos; d. Harriet Grimsley, Ann Davis.

Avery Walker, w. Elizer Elizabeth; s. John M., Avery, James Joseph; d. Nancy L. Prigget, Elizer Ann C. Scarborough, Fanny V. Horne, Elizabeth, Ella Striplin.

David G. Mccormick, W. Emmeline M. and her children.

Mrs. Nancy L. Pritchett, s. J. W. Pritchett, Joe M.

Anton Schneider, w. Matilda; d. Minnie; 2nd w. Josie Wallenstein; friend, Henry Brindschadler.

James E. Obery, d. Mrs. Jimmie Walker, Mrs. Mattie Tucker, Mrs. Lena Harvard; s. Jessie B., B. Goddie; g.s. James L. Cochran, children of Mrs. Bettie Coleman (deceased).

James Madison Bullard, w. Martha Ann; d. Drucilla Eveline Coley; s. H. F., J. D., James.

Erastus J. Bryan, w. Sarah; d. Purmelia Winny, Jimmie Christmas, Elizabeth Sentell; s. Coley, Riley, Little, Erastus.

Henry F. Frederick, w. Jamie; d. Leonora Elizabeth.

Mrs. Anne E. Busbee, h. W. J. Busbee.

John B. McKinney, w. Sena E.; s. Miles N., Leon.

William Curtis, w. Marian Curtis; s. Hal Curtis; d. Loretta Larkin Randall Curtis, Jane Powell and children, Lena Houston and children, Elizabeth Curtis, Lula Bell Curtis (d. of Randall Curtis).

W. T. Brown, s. Tom, Edwin; sis. Emeline; s.l. Josie Watson.

John P. Lilly, sis. Cally Lilly Marshall; b.l. John W. Marshall.

Mrs. Sarah M. Reagan, g.d. Annie Leonora Bateman.

James O Baskin, n. Robert Lee Baskin; h. Harriett A. Reid, Industrial Home of Georgia.

Mrs. Sarah B. Hudspeth, s. Paul N.; d. Matinza Johnson; g.d. Nora Ware.

William M. Anderson, w. Mary E.; s. W. L. Anderson; d. Ida T. Ragan, Minnie, Annie J.

Hezekiah Harrell, w. Rhoda J.; s. H. L.; g.s. Robert; d. Virginia Jones, Martha Green, Ida Ballenger, Amelia Purser, Amy D. Gay.

A list of wills from the early Register Books of Pulaski County Georgia.

Register Book C

Peter L. Peacock, w. Sarah L. Peacock; s. William Oberry, John Barney, James Peter, Walter Hunt Peacock; d. Virginia Roberta, Kemper Peacock Thompson.

Ella Lampkin, d. Florence Brener and children.

Nancy O Ingram, s. John Jacob Blount, James Ingam; d. Gertrude Schilman.

Mrs. Margaret Markert, s. E. K. Markert and children. B. F. Markert; d. Mattie Florence Huggins; g.c. John A. Wasner, c. of d. Hattie A. Morris, Henry B. Wasner, W. F. Markert.

George W. Mashburn, w. Martha E. Mashburn; d. Minnie Lee Mashburn and family.
Ephraim Mathews, w. Mattie S. Mathews; s. John F. Mathews, Walter B., George Burke, William A., Jeff D., Jacob L.; d. Rado Hill, Mattie Philips, Lillie Bailey, Jennie Burch, Celestia Brown, Bessie.

Andrew Stokes, h. Mrs. Lana Herrington, Lana Pipkin, Daniel Heath, Claudia Bollingoes, Matilda Floyd, J. F. Stokes; R. E. Nickols, trustee for S. M. Stokes, J. D. Stokes, R. L. Stokes, Tobe Stokes, Mattie Strozier, heirs of John M. Stokes; C. C. Hosford, trustee for A. C. Pipkin, John Pipkin, H. J. Pipkin, Hattie Hosford, Mollie Burgany, Lana Herrington, Mrs. P. A. Jessup, heirs of Edmund Pipkin; J. F. Stokes, trustee for J. F. Stokes, J. T. Stokes, J. R. Stokes, E. M. Stokes, Mattie Merritt, heirs of W. H. Stokes.

J. C. Allen, sis. Mattie Kimberly, Mrs. N. E. Hart, Vivian Allen; m. and f. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Allen; b. W. C. Allen.

Matilda Horne, s. Bartow, John, Seaborn; d. Arty Ann, Synthy Stout, Martha Jane Adams, Margaret Smith; g.d. Oretta Ethridge.

Daniel Rhodes, h. Ethel Taylor, Charles McPhail.

James F. Williams, w. Lucretia Williams; d. Johnie Cornelia Pope and family.

William J. Mullis, w. “If one”; s. John; d. Sarah Lucinda.

Paul C. Coley, s. John Bryant; d. Puella, Georgia May.

Mrs. Mollie W. Batts, h. Jesse Batts; s. Jesse Batts, Walker Batts.

W. R. Collins, Baynum, Clinton, C. K., W. H.; d. Mamie, Ella May Batey, Zolly Rooney, Hoidridge Rooney.

Mrs. Ella Wigins, h. W. H. Wiggins; s. Kibbee C. Wigins, Walton H.

Morgan M. Johnston, w. Annie; s. Theodore; d. Eleanor F. Weathers.

James Coody, s. James H., John T., Benjamin J., William J.; d. Nancy E. Croombs, Saney Berryhill, Ella V., Elmira Berryhill; d.l. Mrs. Minnie Goody.

Elizabeth F. Reynolds, husband; s. James D., Monroe W.; d. Mamie; g.s. Arthur Lee, Barfield.

Roxie Jane Smith, husband; s. Lington Smith, J. H. Smith.

A. J. Thompson, Sr., w. Frances; s. K. A., Morgan, A. J., Jr., J. B., W. G.; c. of d. Ida G. (deceased).

James B. Mitchell, s. Charlie Ryan; d. Mary Jordan; g.s. James Wright Daniel, James Royal; g.d. Ollie Mae Kirwin, Janette.

Mrs. Susannah Howell, s. Bill Wrye, Gordon, Ben; d. Mary Lou Ryals.

Emma Penelope Walker, h. James Lucas Walker; g.s. James Lucas Walker Woodward; g.d. Esther Amanda Woodward.

Jones Little, w. Lena; s. Jones, L. B., J. R.; d. Ida, Lena, Mary. Georgia, Mattie.

W. D. Dawson, w. Lilie E.

Matilda Sutton, g.d. Mary Emma Sutton.

Herbert L. Grice, father and mother.

John Eli Brown, wife; s. Barney; d. Samantha Nelson, Eola Horne.

J. H. Martin, w. Amittie S.; d. Ellorine W.

R. R. Wallace, legal heirs.

L. E. Polhill, w. Ada Brown; d. Margaret, Eliza. Ruth; s. Rutherford.

S. D. Hunt, sis. Mattie Hunt.

J. E. Laidler, h. Mrs. Julia A. Parish, Mrs. Annie L. Suber. Mrs. Sue C. Jeter, Edna E. Fale, T. H. Grace, J. K. Laidler, Orphans Home of the South Georgia Conference of the M. E. Church.

Nancy S. Harden, g.d. Annie Harden Meadows; g.s. John Harden; s. Robert S., J. N.

John C. Polhill. w. Rosa DeVaughn Polhill.

T. H. Snowden. w. Lucy Lydia Snowden.

Mrs. C. F. Sausey. s. Fred Waring.

Mrs. Zilphia Ann Pate, s. R. O Pate, R. A. Pate; d. Mrs. Anna Steele; d.1. Mrs. J. W.Pate.

Rufus J. McGriff, w. Charlotte Elizabeth; s. James Patrick, Leonadas Grice; d. Elizabeth.

Leonidas F. Finleyson, w. Mollie Elizabeth,

Luna Mae McEachern, aunt, Mrs. Alice M. Hilburn; sisters and their children.

J. F. Mcdonald. w. Antoinette; d. Beulah Beverly, Claude.

John R. Rogers, b. Frank Rogers; h. Ruth Bembry.

John L. Anderson, Sr., d. Allene Anderson McAllister.

A. J. Brown, wife; s. Nealy; d. Annie, Carrie, Mattie.

Mrs. Henrietta C. Jordan, s. L. A. Jordan; d. Mattie Walker Jordan, Mollie Walker Batts; g.s. Jesse Batts, Walker Batts; step-d. Mattie Jordan Jelks; sis. Evie Glover; n. Henrietta Dull, Nettie Stanley, Henrietta Glover, Mary E. Anthony.

Robert D. Franklin, w. Georgia V.; s. Virgil R.; d. Susie Brazeal; grandchildren.

Mrs. Sarah E. Trice, h. Charles Trice; s. Charles Peerce, Ralph Simion, Frank Spurgeon ; d. Ella Estell.

John W. Dawson, w. Hester; s. George, Tom, Robert Edward, heirs of Will (deceased).

W. A. Simmons, w. Martha; s. D. H. Simmons; d. Tishia Andrews.

Mrs. E. A. Slappey, d. Mrs. L. F. Thomas, Mrs. Mattie Ethridge; S. James L., heirs of J. B. Slappey (deceased).

Mrs. Charity F. Anderson, d. Lucile Glisson, Cora F. Arnold, Jennie Anderson Cofield; s. Hardy B., James T., Edwin H., John I., g.d. Lola Hardin, Francis B. Anderson.

Manuel Vinas, s. Victor Manuel; d. Jennie Vinas; h. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Smith, Hawkinsville Public School.

J. B. Lewis, w. Maggie; d. Eva, Kate, Sadie, Annie Laurie; g.s. John Peters.

John J. Mcallister, w. Mary McAllister.

Mrs. M. A. Rose, s. R. S. Rose; h. Annie Harden Meadows.

C. L. Bailey, w. Algia Bailey.

Mrs. Arthur Nobles, s. J. P. Nobles, W. F. Nobles.

John T. Taylor, children; g.c. Julian and Mildred Hogsett.

Sarah L. Bozeman, s. Charles Nathaniel; d. Alice Pauline, Francis May.

Mrs. Mary E. Lathrop, h. Mrs. Ada Brown, Mrs. Lucy Hendley, Robert, Simon, Stiles, Ruel, Edward, and Dudley Anderson; Duncan, Pope, Agnes, Robert, and Frank Brown; Mary Agnes, Lucy, and Frank Anderson ; Walter Merritt, Cornelia Shiver,. Maria Augustus, John, and Daniel Merritt; Charles Parsons, W. N. Parsons, Alice, Caroline, Sr., and Caroline, Jr., Leonora Parsons, Kate, Annie, Charlena, and Renie Lathrop; Marian Ells, Niles Ells, Lathrop Moorehead; Lizzie Lathrop, Lizzie Daniels, Rhoda, Lucius and Lavenia Anderson, Hannah Lester.

Elizabeth Tarver, d. Ida Tarver Mohler, Rosa Snellgrove, Lila Bynum.

L. H. Ragan, w. Mary; d. O’Bena.

Mrs. O A. Horne, n. Dr. E. Lampkin Jelks; n. Kathleen Jelks, Lily Jelks, . Maud Jelks. Ruth Jelks, Amanda Woodward; h. O A. Home.

J. J. Harvard. w. Sallie T.; s. Henry Luther, J. J., Jr.; d. Janie Bell Bass; g.s. John B., Fountain; n. Elton Harvard.

Mrs. Cora E. Brown, s. H. R. Brown, John G., E. C.; d. Ada, Mary.

Y. M. Potts, friend, A. G. Faucett; n. Y. N. Smith.

Mrs. F. R. Hill, h. V. L. Hill; d. Ruth Hill.

Sarah Ella Hopwood, h. Charles F. Hopwood.

Mrs. Etna Crane, h. Mr. Crane.

Charles F. Roden. s. Charles B. Roden.

Thomas H. Bennett, w. Margaret T.; d. Elizabeth Joiner.

Freeman Vaughn, s. Asa F. and other children.

Charles W. Bozeman, sis. Alice P.; b. Nathaniel J.; h. Clara M. Smith.

Eli W. Goode, w. Florida Jelks; sis. Elia G. Byington; s. Eli. Jr., Need J., Nathaniel J., Edward Augustus, William Law; d. Mary G. Powell.

Mrs. Elizabeth McDonald, n. Beulah Beverly, Florence Crum; D. Charles Crum.

Robert Etheridge Wilson, b. F. B. Wilson; n. Fannie Andrews, May Wilson, Carilu Wilson, Fannie Fraker, Mae Hood, Elizabeth Wilson, Pallie Watkins; n. Bunch Wilson, Billie Wilson, Bob Hood, John Hood, Gary Hood, W. M. Hood, Spivey Wilson, Collier Wilson, George Wilson, Frank Wilson, Joe Wilson; h. Mary Ruth Borum.

Pinkney Kibbie Ridley, w. Mary Eva; s. P. K., Jr.

Mrs. E. A. Buff, h. N. F. Buff.

William E. Chancey, w. Emma L. Chancey; s. Charles N. Chancey, Edwin Otis Chancey.

A. E. Lanier, g.d. Louise; g.s. Green Scarborough; s. J. M. Lanier, W. P. Lanier, O E. Lanier; d. Ossee Nolan.

W. D. Pope, w. Ellen A. Pope; d. Leonora Christmas, Katheleen Lewis, Lucy Mae Pope, Abbie Pope, Annie Artezelle Sparrow; s. Jessie Pope; J. N. Pope.

Miss Kathleen Jelks, sis. Lillie Jelks, !Mud Jelks, Ruth Jelks; b. E. L. Jelks.

T. B. Ragan, w. Mrs. Bell W. Ragan; d. Elsie Ragan, Grace Ragan, Estelle Ragan.

Miss Edna Elizabeth Fale, b. Reginald J. Fale; South Georgia Conference of Methodist Church; Trustees of the Hawkinsville Methodist Episcopal Church.

Miss Lillie Martin, aunt, Mrs. Louise V. McDonald; h. Sarah Smith, Oglethorpe University.

Ephriam Solomon Strickland, s. Hilton, Solomon; d. Mary, Mrs. Cora Law, Mrs. Alla Ayers; g.c. James and Fannie Ruth Magahu.

Mrs. Mattie Walker Jordan, h. Edward A. Saxon and his children; n. L. A. Jordan, Augustus Batts; h. Evelyn Miller Pierce, Miller and ‘ William, Hennie Dull, Bessie Anthony, Mollie Batts, Richard Walker Batts, Ellis Ward, known as “Wash.”

J. D. Davis, w. Maggie Lee Davis; d. Claudia Lee Davis, Lillie Sanders, Irene Davis, Mildred, Bettie; s. L. W. Davis, Guyton Davis, Jessie Davis, Peyton Davis, Joe Davis, M. B. Davis.

Mrs. Georgia Williams, d. Emma Lee McGlamary, Mrs. Mollie Carroll; s. James Williams.

Laura Davis, sis. Hattie Arnold.

Charles T. Trice, w. Plumer Agnes Trice.

W. R. Watkins, w. Dora.

Mrs. Pauline Rudich, d. Pearl Abraham; s. Leopold M., Louis Rudich.

Mrs. Sallie Harvard, s. J. J. Harvard, Jr.; d. Janie Belle Harvard; g.s. John B.. Fountain Harvard.

Mrs. Rebecca Mcgriff, b. Norman McGriff; h. John Lowery.

Brock Holly, h. Lula Loften.

Mrs. Eliza Herndon, h. Matthew H. Herndon and children.

Matthew H. Herndon, w. Eliza.

Z. J. Brown, w. Elizabeth; d. Ida Faircloth, Laura Finleyson, Dora Peavy; s. J. L.; g.s. Coley Sanders Brown; g.d. Eva Faircloth, Cally Faircloth.

Dr. J. H. Hendricks, w. Maggie E.

William A. Jelks, s. William Oliver, Albert Augustus; d. Virginia.