Ch. of (H) Samuel and Sarah (Rust) Allen.
         (a) Jonathan: b. 1700; m. (1), 1726, Elizabeth Allen; m. (second),
             1763, widow Rebecca Whitmore; d. 1780. Issue.
         (c) Samuel: b. 1703; d. 1703.
         (d) Samuel: b. 1706; m., 1730, Hannah Miller. He settled in
             New Marlboro, Mass., where he d. in 1755. 8 ch.
         (e) Joseph: b. 1712; m., 1733, Elizabeth Parsons. He d. 1779.
             This couple had fourteen children, six of their sons being
             patriots who had notable service in the Revolutionary war. and
             left records worthy of fame.
         (f) Hannah: b. 1714; m., 1736, Elias Lyman, who was among
             those called out for the defense of Bennington in the Revolutionary
             War. Issue.
         (g) Experience: m., Aug. 30, 1739, Daniel Clark. Issue.