Ruel Todd6, (Ruel5, Job4, Ithamar3, Michael2, Christopher1) born in 1813, at Mt. Holly, Vt., died Sept. 3, 1893, married in 1828 or 1829, at Wallingford, Vt., Betsey Bishop, who died Feb., 1888.

Mr. Todd was a farmer in his early life, also at the time of his death. For several years during middle life he owned and operated a blacksmith shop and had connected with it another shop where he built wagons and sleighs, besides doing the iron and wood work, he made the cushions and did the upholstering as well, turning out the carriages and sleighs complete and ready for use. He was very fond of nice horses, having raised and trained many after his seventieth birthday.

1085. George, d. young.
*1086. Orrin, b. July 25, 1831.
*1087. Horace.
*1088. Charles Ruel.
1089. Lucinda M.
*1090. Joel.