L203 GILBERT DE CLARE: a Magna Charta Surety; a descendant of KING ALFRED

THE GREAT, son of Richard de Clare, a Magna Charta Surety. His descendant,
14 generations removed, was No. L221.

L221 LADY CATHERINE AYLMER, a desc. of thirteen (who were of kin to nine of the others) of the twenty-five Barons who were Sureties for the observance of the Magna Charta. Widow of Sir Nicholas Plunket, of Dublin , m. Captain Michael Warren, Warrenstown, County Meath , Ireland (d. 1712).

L222 OLIVER WARREN, Lieutenant, R. N., of Warrenstown.

L223 NATHANIEL WARREN 1See comment 2868 by Owen Clough for alternative ancestry, of “Neilstown House,” Stillorgan and ” Warren
Mount”, Dublin . Member of Parliament; High Sheriff of Dublin , 1773; Alderman,
1775. Captain of the Dublin Volunteers; delegate from the city to the National
Conventions held in Dublin , 1779 and 1783.

L224 ELEANOR LA TOUCHE WARREN: b. 1776; died New York , 1860; m. Robert
Crean of Dublin , d. Madrid , Spain , 1831.

L225 Henrietta Agnes Crean: d. Saxony , 1873; m. New York , June 6, 1846 , James
Gordon Bennett, founder of The N. Y. Herald newspaper.

L226 JEANETTE BENNETT: m. Isaac Bell, Jr., of New York , d. 1889. Issue.

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1. See comment 2868 by Owen Clough for alternative ancestry