Hiram Burr Todd8, (Dyer7, Burr6, Samuel5, Samuel4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born July 26, 1848, Married twice, first, Elizabeth D. Ganoung, who was born July 3, 1854, died Dec. 11, 1888, in New Berlin, N. Y.?, he married second, Nov. 29, 1889, Mrs. Alice M. Starr.

Mr. Todd writes from South New Berlin, N. Y., March 8, 1908. “I remember great grandfather the old soldier. I can see how he looked as plain as if I had his photo to look at. He showed me four bullet wounds on his person, two on one arm and two on one limb below the knee. He said the Red Coats shot him. I was so impressed by the idea of the British shooting him I never will forget it.

Children by Elizabeth A. Ganoung:

2117. Merwin S., b. Sept. 27, 1877.
*2118. Charlotte A., b. April 28, 1885.
2119. Gerald D., b. April 28, 1885.