The next place and house was that of Francis Grant, who came from the Kennebec and married Mercy Gray, Sept. 2, 1812. He gained his livelihood by farming and fishing and the children were:

  1. Thomas Grant, born Oct. 27, 1813.
  2. Moses Grant, born Jan. 9, 1816.
  3. George Stevens Grant, born Sept. 6, 1818.
  4. Lydia Gray Grant, born July 24, 1822.
  5. Francis Grant, born Feb. 26, 1824.
  6. Mercy Grant, born July 3, 1827.

Francis Grant died Feb. 17, 1873, aged eighty-five, and Mercy, his wife, in 1844.

Isaac Grant and family, he a brother of Francis Grant, from Bath, settled upon the island near his brother sometime previous to 1840. He was a ship’s caulker by trade, caulked the ship Tahmaroo built at Blue Hill Falls in 1842, and other vessels built in the town. He and his family moved at a later date to Ellsworth, where his sons Isaac and George became vessel owners and active business men. The members of his family are not given in the Blue Hill records.