W155 WILLIAM HENRY: b. 1816 at Seven Oakes, County Kent, Parish Seal,
     England. He was the youngest of four brothers and one sister. The
     sister m. and her descendants still reside at Kent. William joined "The
     King's Own 4th Regiment" when 19 and served in Tasmania. Married
     Mary Mahoney, b. in Ireland. He became a sergeant and served in Australia
     and India. He had 13 ch. Given land in Canada and settled there
     with his wife and surviving ch. Ch. include:
     (I) James Alford: who was b. in England and came with parents to
         Ontario in 1854; m. Mary Ann Robinson, who was b. in Ontario
         just after parents' arrival from Ireland. They had twelve ch. One
         (A) William Henry: m. Mercy Williams, who was b. near Somersetshire,
             England. They had four ch.:
             (a) Louis William: all the ch. moved to Clinton, Ill., with
                 parents and graduated from the University of Illinois.
                 Louis was b. 1887. Professor at Univ. of Toronto.
             (b) Frank Oscar: b. 1889; m. Alta Scribner. Supt. of Schools,
                 Stockland, Ill.
                 1. Richard.
                 2. Eleanor Mae.
                 3. Dorothy Marie.
             (c) Otho Williams: b. 1892; m. Marrian Warren; Professor
                 at Culver Military Academy.
                 1. Jane Warren.
                 2. Janis Williams.
             (d) George Albert: b. 1894; m. Ruth Larson. Is practicing
                 physician of Salt Lake City, Utah.
                 1. Mary Rose.
                 2. Amy Roberta.
                 3. George Albert.