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Genealogy of the Cherokee Thompson Family

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Instructions on how to interpret this information

11 ________,  _______Thompson
1112 Jack Thompson. Jennie Vann, Nana and Elizabeth Merrell
2 Laugh at mush
3 Ne-coo-ie
111218 William Thompson. Nannie Merrell and Elizabeth Fields
2 Alexander Thompson. Elizabeth Tipton
3 Sallie Thompson. Samuel Mackey
4 Charles Thompson*
5 Nannie Thompson. Benjamin Merrell
6 Elizabeth Thompson  Nelson Riley
7 Margaret Thompson. Elijah Lynch and _____Barker
8 Betsey Thompson. Robert Runyan
9 John Thompson*
10 Richard Thompson. Caroline Simpson and Elizabeth Thornton
11 James Thompson*
12 Jennie Thompson  Samuel Crossland
11121314 Jennie Thompson*  Dr. Yarnall
2 John Thompson. Margaret Fields, Minerva Biggs* and Elizabeth Griffin
3 Charles Thompson  Susie Taylor
4 Alexander Thompson  Ruth Phillips and Elmira McLain and Elmira McLain
11122314 Ruth Thompson*
2 Jack Thompson*
3 Maria Thompson. Archibald Lee
4 Calvin Thompson*
5 “Major Thompson*
11123314 Nannie Mackey  Joseph Tally and David Vann
2 Preston Meckey* Nannie Vann
3 William Mackey  Nannie Drew
4 George Mackey*
5 Corinne Mackey*
6 James Mackey. Polly Tally and Louisa Fields
11125314 Elizabeth Merrell. David Ivey
2 Eliza Merrell. William Poison
OK 3 William Merrell. Nannie Walker
4 Sallie Merrell. Cornelius Parris
5 Nannie Merrell. Rufus West
6 Mary Merrell. James Starnes
7 Benjamin Merrell
8 Margaret Merrell. _____Williamson and Thomas Brackett
11126314 Ellen Riley*
2 Margaret Riley*
OK 3 Julius Riley. Amanda Cordell
4 Joseph Riley. Matilda Maxfield and Lucy Ore nee Lusk
5 Mary Ann Riley. Thomas Maxfield and Thomas M. Triplett
6 Perry Andre Riley. Eliza Colson
7 Charles Riley*
11126314 John Lynch*
2 Catherine Lynch
3 Charles Barker
11128314 Maria Whitney  Goree
2 Joseph Runyan*
3 Ruth Runyan*

Instructions on how to interpret this information

4 Morgan West.     Finley
5 Charles West*
1112536415 Jefferson Starnes. Ruth Gott and Margaret Sevenstar
2 John Starnes. Nettie Jeffries, Elizabeth Duffey and Almira Johnson
3 Lillie Starnes. Lindsey Wallace
4 Margaret Starnes. Ira Creach
1112538415 Mary Williamson. William E. Greenleaf
1112633415 Elizabeth Riley* McCoy Smith
1112634415 Addie Riley. James Kyle
2 Nelson Riley*
3 Charles Riley*
1112635415 Octavia Maxfield. Richard Riley Bertholf
2 Ida Verona Maxfield. James Harvey Lindsey
3 Lillie Maxfield. Claude Hanks McDaniel
1112636415 Nannie Amanda Riley. John Lee Lamb