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8 Sarah Roach. Looney Townsend and William Sullivan
9 Joshua Roach*
11625314 Elizabeth Harnage. Lemuel Murrell and John Lewis Wardlow Williams
OK 2 Nannie Harnage. Gilbert Wesley Wilson
11626314 Sarah Caroline Harnage. John Martin Bell and Samuel G. Heffington
2 Ezekial Sanders Starr Harnage
OK 3 William Thomas Harnage. Mary Rebecca Wyche
4 Mary Victoria Harnage. William Lucullus Carr
5 Ida Eugenia Harnage. Jonathan Taylor Ewers and John M. Morse
6 Loretta Beldora Harnage. John Stringer Scott
7 Nannie Elvira Harnage. William Boone
8 John Custis Lee Harnage. Frances Catherine Hunt
9 Lena Harnage. Thomas James Adair
11627314 John Sanders Harnage*
2 Sarah Harnage. Charles Henry Bacon
OK 3 William Wilson Harnage. Jennie Vann
4 Nannie Sabina Harnage. John Dana Bacon
11629314 Nancy Ann Bell. Quinton Kosciusko Gebson and James Ellis Harlan
11721314 Delilah Alberty
2 Martha Elizabeth Alberty. Columbus Marion Reeves
3 Joshua Alberty*
4 George Alberty* Elizabeth Faught
5 Andrew Jackson Alberty. Amanda Folsom nee Dibble
6 Mary Alberty*
7 John Alberty. Emily Clay McDonald
8 Archibald Alberty. Julia A. Peake
9 Patsy Alberty. Stephen Palone
11722314 James Crittenden. Isabel Doherty
2 Lucy Crittenden. Smith Thornton and Eli Sanders
3 Nannie Crittenden. Judge Pathkiller and Stephen Smith
4 Jacob Crittenden*
5 Elizabeth Crittenden. Ellis Foreman
6 Agnes Crittenden. John Sanders
7 Emily Crittenden. Henry Bushyhead
8 Benjamin Crittenden. Nannie Proctor and Mary Weaver
11723314 Toas Shell. Jennie Walkingstick
11724314 Annie Alberty. Nelson Foreman
2 Jennie Alberty. Elias Gourd Foreman
3 Margaret Alberty*
4 Catherine Alberty* Frank Harris
5 Nannie Alberty. James McA. Messer