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Genealogy of the Cherokee Sanders Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

OK3George Sanders. Elizabeth Thornton and Margaret Garner
4Frank Sanders*
5Alexander Sanders*
6William Edward Sanders  Sarah Catherine Scrimsher and Etta Jane Scraper
7Sallie Sanders*
11523314Jennie Sanders* John Sanders
2Polly Sanders  Robert Klaus
OK3Susie Sanders  Henry Cook
4Boone Sanders*
11524314Mitchell Williams
OK2Richard Murrell Wolfe. Susan Elizabeth Shirley
11525314Rachel Pauline Henry, Edward Bruce Starr, Joseph Vann and Walter Starr Crittenden
OK2Levi James Henry*
11621314George Harlan. Mary McCoy
2Sarah Harlan  George Washington Lasley, Ebenezer Walker and William Tackett
3Mitchell Harlan. Letitia Victoria Keys
4Ezekial Harlan. Rachel Sand
5Nancy Perlony Harlan. Riley J. Keys, Joseph Vann Lasley and Joseph Robbins
6Jennie Harlan. Charles Coody Rogers and Granville Torbett
11622314James Ellis Harlan. Margaret Reed and Nancy Ann Gibson nee Bell
2Sallie Matilla Harlan. John Poole, George Lane, Lewis Ross  Kell, James Chastine Blythe and Charles Chandler
OK3Mary Josephine Harlan. Mitchell Sanders. 4 John Brown Harlan. Mary Ann McGhee
5Ruth Jane Harlan. William Writtenberry and Joseph Henry Hunt
6Timothy Dwight Harlan*
7 Emily D. Harlan. George Finley
11623314George Harlan Harnage*
11624314Emily Roach. Edward Walls and Aaron Crittenden
2William Roach. Nannie Lowrey and Eliza Lowrey
3Nannie Roach. Lafayette Catron and John Horn
4James Roach*
5Mary Roach*
6George Roach. Nannie Pritchett and Sarah Triplett
7John Roach. Nellie Grant

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