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9Nannie Hildebrand. Thomas Horn, George Lovett, Frederick Irving, Charles Poe and Hoskins.
10Joseph Martin Hildebrand. Lucy Starr, Louvinia Patterson, Elizabeth Gentry, Mary King, Martha Wofford and Mary E. Coyne.
11Brice Hildebrand. Mary Sturdivant nee Beck and Mary Swimmer
12Mary Hildebrand. Isaac Mayfield
122113Barbara Hildebrand. Hiram Linder
2James V. Hildebrand. Sarah Elizabeth Fields
3Jennie Hildebrand. John Williams
4Catherine Hildebrand. Levi Bailey
5John Walker Hildebrand. Eliza Jane White
6Ellis Harlan Hildebrand. Sallie Stover* and Josephine ____
7Lewis W. Hildebrand. Lucy Ratliff
8Isaac Newton Hildebrand. Jennie Ratliff
9Mary Elizabeth Hildebrand. Daniel Jones Frazier
10Minerva Hildebrand. Charles Ratliff and Anderson Reynolds
113213Moses Hildebrand. Noo-ea-ti
2Mary Hildebrand.       Hoyt
3Catherine Hildebrand. Teehee
4John Hildebrand
5Michael Hildebrand. Sarah Hicks
6Peter Hildebrand. Annie Fawling
7Samuel Hildebrand. Susannah Rogers
8Barbara Hildebrand. William Longknife and _____
9George Hildebrand
10Martha Hildebrand
134213Elizabeth Hildebrand
115213Jesse Culstee* Eliza Turtle
2Thomas Blackcoat. Minerva Carr
OK3John Wolf
4Rachel Wolf* Henry Dobson Reese
5Mary Wolf* _____Collins
116213Amanda J. McCreary* Alfred Clark Raymond
2Mary McCreary. James Alcorn
OK3Napoleon McCreary. Jennie Harper
117213John Hildebrand. Ellen Pettit
2Maria Hildebrand. John Wright Alberty
3Mary Hildebrand. Simon Lewis
4Arie Hildebrand. Calvin Parks and James Lewis Puskett
118213Napoleon Bonaparte Hambright*
2Hiram Hamright*
3James Monroe Hambright*
119213Felix Grundy Coody*
OK2Archibald Coody*