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2 Emily Duncan. John Beck and Thomas Winchester Measles
OK 3 Mahala Duncan. James Smith West
4 Walter Adair Duncan. Martha Bell, Martha Wilson and Catherine Ann Caleb nee Larzalere


5 James Abercrombie Duncan. Eliza Denton and Lucy Ann Duncan nec Clark


6 Young Charles Gordon Duncan. Sinia Eaton and Nancy Ann Duncan nee Starr
7 John Tommason Duncan. Elizabeth Sanders
8 DeWitt Clinton Duncan* Helen Rosencrantz
9 William Wirt Duncan. Nancy Ann Starr
10 Elizabeth Ann Duncan. Isaac Brown Hitchcock
11 Joshua Bertholf Duncan. Elizabeth Ray and Lucy Ann Thompson nec Clark
113213 Nannie Landrum. Samuel Thomas
2 Elizabeth Landrum. Andrew McLaughlin
OK 3 Hiram Terrell Landrum. Mary Muskrat
4 Charles Landrum. Ruth Proctor
5 James Landrum Susan Muskrat
6 Rebecca Landrum* Thomas Davis
7 Benjamin Franklin Landrum. Mary Berry and Elizabeth Woodall
8 David Dixon Landrum. Susie Crutchfield
9 Jemima Landrum. Elijah Moore and Wiley Earbob
10 John Landrum. Nellie Otterlifter
11 Aaron Landrum. Easter Muskrat
12 Dorcas Landrum. Elowie Butler                                 |A61
13 Rachel Landrum. George Buffington
114213 James Kell. Elizabeth Edgington, Julia Rogers and Nancy Edgington
2 Andrew Kell. Annie Hawkins and Mary Huss
OK 3 David Kell. Dorcas Corban nee Duncan
4 John Kell*
5 Elizabeth Kell. Lewis Rolston
6 Rebecca Kell. Samuel Simons
7 Nannie Kell. George Murray and William Lilly
117213 John Adair Duncan. * Mary McWilliams nec Fields
2 Young Charles Duncan*
OK 3 Dorcas Duncan. John Manuel Corban, David Kell and I John McMurtry
4 Caleb Duncan. Mary Elizabeth Hudson
5 James Burr Duncan. Annie Jane Woodall
6 Jonathan Gordon Duncan*
7 Elizabeth Harriette Duncan. Henry Lewis Smith
8 Thomas Washington Duncan. Edith Chapman Wright
9 Robert Lewis Duncan. Sophia Neeley

A61. Elowie or Elijah Butler was born in 1817. He was converted and joined the Methodist church when quite young. He was admitted to the ministry on trial in October 1853 and was assigned to the Spring Creek circuit, transferred to the Senica and Delaware circuit in 1854 and to the Big Bend of Arkansas River with Reverend William McIntosh in 1855.

A large colony of Cherokee had for many years lived in this far western location residing on both sides of the river, where they stayed until this section was sold to the Osages and Pawnees and then most of them returned to the Cherokee Nation east of the ninety sixth meridian. It was several years after Reverend Elowie or Elijah had been in the ministry before he commenced to be known as Butler. He was ordained a deacon in October 1858 by Bishop Early at Skullyville. During 1860 and 1861 he was again filling the station at Big Bend. He served in the confederate army under Captain Thompson Mayes. From 1866 to 1871 he worked on the Grand River circuit with Reverend D. B. Cummings. He was elected Judge of Delaware District in 1867 and 1869. His wife, Dorcas Landrum was born in 1829. Reverend “Butler was of that type of the Indian preacher of which we have had many during the years of our missionary work. Solid, full of purpose and fidelity, he was devoted to his work and stuck to it under all possible circumstances.”1 Reverend Butler died April 27, 1873 and Mrs. Dorcas Butler died on January 13, 1898.