U153 JEREMIAH ALLEN: M. Olive; had 2 daus. and one s.:
     (1) Jeremiah: b. 1813, and d. 1861. He m. Paulina Johnson. They had
         eleven ch. including:
         (A) William B.: b. 1835 and d. 1908. He m. Harriet Benedict.
             They had:
             (a) Ella Elizabeth: b. 1857 and d. 1885; m. Wm. Muggleton;
                 two ch. She m. second, Charles Finch and had one dau.
                 who m. and had several ch.
             (b) Eva L.: b. 1860; m. and had two ch., Robert and Floyd.
             (c) George W.: b. 1866; m. Sarah Forbes.
                  1. Vera: b. 1893; m. Frank Kuapp.
                     1. John: b. 1914.
                     2. Elizabeth: b. 1919.
             (d) Hallie E.: b. 1873 and m. Leon Lacey.
                  1. Allen: b. 1891.
                  2. Thelma: b. 1901.
         (B) George W.: b. 1837; m. Ellen Schenk, 1868.
                  1. Flora: b. 1869; m. George Hayes, of Calif.
         (C) Amarillo: b. 1841; m. Charles Lyon. They had no ch. but
             adopted one dau., who m. and had issue.
         (D) Charles J.: b. 1843; m. Charlotte White and had:
                  1. Arthur H.: b. 1868. He m. and had two daus. By
                  his second m. he had Robert, Richard, Harrison and
                  2. Bert.
         (E) Milton: b. 1846, and d. 1921; m. Lucy Young and had:
                  1. Claude J.: b. 1885, who m.
                  2. Paul H.: m. Ruth Wells. They had one s., Wells
                     P., who m. and had:
                     A. Wells P.: b. 1921.
                     B. Milton. who m. and had five ch.
                     C. Julian Fay: m. Gwen Williams in 1929.
         (F) Daniel: b. 1848, and d. 1855.
         (G) J. W.: b. 1851, and d. 1929; m. Belle Cleveland.
                  1. Herrick C.: b. 1874.
                  2. Virgie: b. 1879, and d. 1880.
                  3. Vera: b. 1882; m. and had three ch.
                  4. Ross J.: b. 1885; m. Sybil Ayers and had one son,
                     Donald Lee, b. 1914 at Richford, N. Y.
             J. W.: m. second and had J. Frances, b. 1916, and Lockie, b.
         (H) Frank A.: b. 1853 and d. 1910 at Battle Creek, Mich. He m.
             Josephine Walsh. They had:
                  1. Fred De Witt: b. 1879; d. y.
                  2. Clinton J.: b. 1887. He m. Gladys Holmes. They had
                     one son, b. 1919.
         (I) De Witt: b. 1856; d. y.