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Genealogy of Garriot K. Broyles

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Broyles, Bruhls, Broils,Broiles originated from northwestern Germany. There are two towns one of which is Bruhl along the west side of the Rhine River. The largest community has an 18th century castle called Augustburg. The archbishop of Cologne had created the town in 1285. The family Brohl had lived in the area as early as the 14th century as in 1332 one Brohl had received a coat of arms.

Some of the Broyles family came to America in 1717 to Culpepper, Virginia. The first was John Broyles who had several sons who were the ancestors for many of the Broyles today.

The Broyles story here begins with the first one who came to Shelby County, Illinois. There has been much difficulty trying to pinpoint the ancestry of Garriot K. Broyles’ parents. His ancestry will be printed in a later volume.

Garriot K. Broyles was born circa 1810 in Madison Coop Virginia. He had one known brother Ephraim and one sister Martha. In later years Garriot stated on his second marriage application that he was the son of Moses and Susannah Broyles, Garriot married Eunice V. Wayman on 22 December 1831 in Madison Co., Virginia. Eunice was the probable daughter of John Henry and Margaret Frances Wayman. Apparently the Broyles family lived near Harrisonburg, Virginia since one of their sons was born there. Sometime in 1858 the family moved to Shelby Co., Illinois. Garriot bought a mortgage from Zee D. Nichols for $150 for ten acres in Sec 4 T 10 R 3 E in Dry Point Township. Garriot and his wife Eunice were still there in 1868 when his personal property was assessed at $233.

Garriot had worked as a cabinetmaker in Virginia and his skills at woodworking were continued by his sons and grandsons. On March 27, 1878 Eunice, his wife, registered in Shelby Co., Illinois as an experienced midwife in Dry Point Township. She had stated that she had practiced for 19 years. Eunice died on 6 February 1889 and was buried In Harmon Cemetery by one of their sons.

Garriot remained single until 1892. He married secondly at the age of 82 in Shelby Co., Illinois to Martha A. Batton who was formerly married to Joel Batton. It was on that marriage application that Garriot named his parents as Moses and Susannah Broyles, Garriot and Martha did not stay in Shelby Co., Illinois but apparently moved to Jay Co., Indiana where Martha had lived preciously. Garriot died sometime between February and June 1895 in Indiana; his widow mortgaged the said property in Shelby Co., Illinois for income. Martha, his widow, died after January, 1896 in Jay Co., Ind.

101 Garriot K. Broyles born circa 1810 Madison Co., Va.; married 1, 22 Dec. 1831 Eunice V. Wayman born 1815 Virginia died 6 Feb. 1889 Shelby Co., Ill.; married 2, 12 Oct. 1892 Martha A. Batton, born 1823 Virginia, died aft. Jan. 1896, Jay Co., Ind. Garriot died 28 April 1895, Shelby Co., Ill

Children of Garriot K. Broyles and Eunice V. Wayman:

  1. 201 Frances E. Broyles born 1834 Madison Co., Va. married circa 1850/51 Elias Deal born 3 July 1820 Rappahanock Co.,Va. died 22 Jan. 1910 Shelby Co., Ill. died 1866 Shelby Co., Ill.
    1. 311 John W. Deal born circa 1851 Virginia married Mary died 1882 Shelby Co., Ill.
    2. 312 Eunice C. Deal born circa 1852 Virginia
    3. 313 Mary Elizabeth Deal born circa 1855 Virginia married 13 Oct. 1870 Marvin Spracklin died 1933 Shelby Co., Ill. SEE # 304 of Spracklin Line.
    4. 314 Cornelia F. Deal born circa 1858 married Joseph Montague died 3 Feb. 1879 Shelby Co., Ill.
    5. 315 Suwey A. Deal born circa 1861 Shelby Co., Ill.
    6. 316 Robert T. Deal born circa 1863 Shelby Co., Ill. married Mary M. Phillips
    7. 317 James E. Deal born 31 Dec. 1865 Shelby Co., Ill. married Maggie died 28 April 1946 Shelby Co., Ill.
  2. 202 William E. Broyles born circa 1835 Madison Co,, Va. moved to Howard Co., Mo.
  3. 203 Louisa J. Broyles born 6 Feb. 1837 Madison Co., Va., married 1, circa 1854 John Austin, married 2. circa 1884 John Harmon died 11 June 1912 Shelby Co., Ill. SEE ,# 601 of Austin Line.
  4. 204 Franklin K. Broyles, b.24 Jan. 1839 Madison Co., Va. married 21 Jan. 1864, Elizabeth Broyles had “Mother” put on Elizabeth Chew her tombstone,  born Oct. 1846 died 1935/36 Shelby Co. , Ill. He died 5 July 1926 Shelby Co., Ill. Franklin was self-employed as a builder and contractor. He built many houses and buildings in the county.
    1. 320 Clarence H. Broyles died 1869 Shelby Co., Ill.
    2. 321 Martha V. Broyles (Mattie) born 24 Jan. 1866 Shelby Co., Ill. died 15 Nov. 1908 St. Louis, Mo. Mattie was quite talented with her voice. She had attended the St. Louis Conservatory of Music and many people here enjoyed listening to her songs in the Parker Opera House. She was very active in the opera in St. Louis.
    3. 322 Robert N. Broyles. Also became a carpenter.
  5. 205 Mary Ann Broyles born circa 1841 Madison Co., Va. married 2 Feb. 1860 Silas Whitfield died 1878 Shelby Co., Ill, died after 1878. ch., ?
  6. 206 Eunice Catherine Broyles born 1843 Madison Co., Va, married 27 Dec. 1860 Dale Russell died. ch: ?
  7. 207 Wesley Garriot Broyles born 11 March 1845 Harrisonburg, Va., married 1. 7 Feb. 1867 Frances Carder born 16 Sept. 1848 Va. died 21 Sept. 1884 Shelby Co., Ill.; married 2. Anna M. Cutler Brannon died 1928 Minot, North Dakota. Ch. 1-7 with Frances Carder, ch. 8-11 with Anna Cutler Brannon.
    1. 331 James F. Broyles born 3 Sept. 1868 Shelby Coot Ill. married 18 Jan. 1891 Dora B. Thomas moved to Ripley Co., Mo, by 1899
    2. 332 Marion F. Broyles born 3 Nov. 1870 Shelby Co., Ill, married 22 Dec, 1899 Lethea Briggs born 1880 died 1950 Shelby Co. Ill. died 1950 Shelby Co., Ill.
      1. 410 Hazel Broyles born 26 May 1900 Shelby Co., Ill., married 1. Raymond Mose died 1972 Shelby Co., Ill., married 2. 1947 Roy R. Copsey died 11 Feb, 1981 Shelby Co., Ill. NOTE: Raymond Mose son of John W. Mose and Ora A. Miller Mose. John W. Mose son of James and Margaret Himes Mose.
        1. 510 Margery Mose married 25 Aug. 1939 Dave Anderson
          1. 610 Gary Anderson
          2. 611 Marcia Anderson married Edward Ballard
            1. 710 Andrea Ballard
            2. 712 Scott Ballard
          3. 612 Bruce Anderson
            1. 711 Ryan Anderson
        2. 511 Four other children deceased before 1981.
      2. 411 Harry Kirtley Broyles born 1902 Shelby Co., Ill. married 1. Dorothy Bales married 2. Mildred Moore Earl. No children.
      3. 412 Carl Raymond Broyles born 16 June 1907 Shelby Co., Ill. married 13 Oct. 1928 Daisy Fleming died 25 April 1980 Shelby Co., Ill.
        1. 512 Linda Broyles married Paul Johnson
          1. 613 Gregory Johnson
        2. 513 Patsy Broyles married Virgil Paulson
    3. 333 Joseph G. Broyles born 21 Feb. 1873 Shelby Co., Ill. died 21 Feb. 1874 Shelby Co., Ill.
    4. 334 William A. Broyles born 13 July 1875 Shelby Co., Ill. moved to Ripley Co., Mo. by 1899
    5. 335 Irvin T. Broyles born 27 Nov. 1877 Shelby Co., Ill. married 25 Sept, 1899 Nellie Keys Moved to Solomon City, Kansas by 1899.
    6. 336 Lloyd B. Broyles born 21 April 1880 Shelby Co., Ill.
    7. 337 Levi A. Broyles born 7 Aug. 1882 Shelby Co., Ill. died 14 May 1883 Shelby Co., Ill. 
    8. 338 Wesley G. Broyles born 9 July 1891 Christian Co., Ill.
    9. 339 Ruby Broyles born 19 Nov. 1895 Millersville, Ill. married 29 March 1916 Patrick Durbin died 11 Nov. 1960 Washburn, North Dakota
      1. 413 Shirley E. Durbin born 6 April 1917 Ward Coo, N.D. married 20 Nov. 1938 B.R. Devin
        1. 514 Robert M. Devin born 3 Jan. 1940 King Co., Wash.
        2. 515 Paul Devin born 11 Dec. 1944 Ward Co., N.D.
        3. 516 Ruth Devin born 10 Sept. 1946 Little Falls, Minn. married Terry Turner
    10. 340 Gladys Broyles died 1979 Omaha, Nebraska
    11. 341 Lee Broyles died 1949
  8. 208 Martha Cordelia Broyles born 1847 Madison Co., Va. married 9 April 1863 John Harmon died 25 March 1881 Shelby Co., Ill.
    1. 342 Marion M. Harmon married Mollie M. Bowman
      1. 414 Melvil Arnel Harmon married Grayce Newkirk
        1. 517 Melvil Wamsley Harmon married Helen F. Houser
          1. 614 Joey Harmon
      2. 415 John Caleb Harmon
      3. 416 Eleta M. Harmon died young
    2. 343 Estella Harmon married John Duckett.
      NOTE: John Duckett was son of Levi and Frances Williams Duckett; Levi was son of Barruch and Nancy Duckett.
  9. 209 Paschal Mansfield Broyles born June 1849 Virginia married Mary L. (Jones) born 1856 Feb. died Dec. 1926 Shelby Co., Ill, died after 1926 Shelby Co., Ill.
    On 28 Dec. 1899 Mansfield sold to his wife: 1 Mitchell farm wagon, double tongue wagon harness, one tap buggy, one bay mare 9 years old named Florie and one set buggy harness. (Deed Book 126 p. 136)

    1. 344 Robert Earl Broyles born 1877 Shelby Co., Ill. married Oct. 1898 Lamme Mary Woodward who married 2. Carter died 1900 Shelby Co., Ill.
      1. 417 Headen Broyles died 23 Jan. 1929 Indianapolis, Indiana.
  10. 210 Robert E. Broyles born 1851 Madison Co., Virginia died 15 June 1889 Shelby Co., Ill.

Broyles – Backward Time Progression

Author NOTE: The author is descended from two of Garriot K. Broyles’ daughters:

  1. Lena May Stoneburner born 13 February 1925 Shelby Co., Ill. married 19 September 1942 James Harvey Cox died 23 October 1982, Shelby Co, Ill
  2. Goldie Ardath Spracklin born 8 April 1904 Shelby Co., Ill. married 26 February 1924 Lawrence Albert Stoneburner died 2 April 1983, Christian Co., Ill
  3. Grace Belle Austin born 5 Sept. 1884 Henry Co., Mo. married 29 March 1903 George Elias Spracklin born 14 July 1881 Shelby Co., Ill. died 6 Feb. 1964 Christian Co., Ill. died 27 June 1971
  4. Belfield K. Austin born 10 Aug. 1856 Madison Co. Va. married 28 Oct. 1883 Gertrude W. Rhodus died 15 Aug. 1943 Shelby Co., Ill.
  5. Elizabeth Deal born Sept. 1855 Virginia married 13 Oct. 1870 Marvin M. Spracklin died Nov, 1933 Shelby Co., Ill.
  6. Louisa J. Broyles born 6 Feb. 1837 Madison Co., Va. married 1. circa 1854 John Austin. 2. circa 1884 John Harmon died 11 June 1912 Shelby Co., Ill.
  7. Frances E. Broyles born 1834 Madison Co., Va. married circa 1850/51 Elias Deal died 1866 Shelby Co., Ill.
  8. Garriot K. Broyles born 1810 Madison Co., Virginia married 22 Dec. 1831 Eunice V. Wayman married 2. 12 Oct. 1892 Martha A. Batton died 28 April 1895, Shelby Co., Ill

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