Eliel Todd5, (Samuel4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Christopher1) born Feb. 20, 1746-47 in Northbury Parish, Waterbury, Conn., died in 1793, in Pawlet, Vt., where having been stricken with a fever, he took a dose of strychnine by mistake for calomel. He married Anna Stafford or Sanford of Pawlet, Vt.

He was a physician and practiced his profession in Pawlet, Vt., and vicinity.

“He was the first physician in the north part of the town. He was a skillful and talented physician, and tradition invests him with rare endowments. He was a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary war. He died in 1793 from poison accidently taken.”

From the History of Pawlet, Vt.

His military career was as follows: In a ballot by the Massachusetts House of Representatives dated April 22, 1776; said Todd was chosen Adjutant in the 2nd Berkshire County regiment of Mass. Militia; appointment concurred in by Council, April 23, 1776; reported commissioned April 23, 1776; also, 2nd Lieutenant in Captain Peter Porter’s Company of Col. Samuel Brewer’s Regiment; pay abstract for mileage for 80 miles allowed said Todd.

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