D130 JAMES HUNTER: of Abbotsford, Co. Ayr, a younger son of Hunterston; acquired lands in Ayr by charter dated May 19, 1569.

D131 JAMES HUNTER: acquired lands of Reddingwood; died 1617.

D132 JAMES HUNTER: Provost of Ayr.
(1) Robert-D133.
(2) Adam.
(A) James: b. 1672.
(a) Andrew: b. 1695.
1. Rev. Andrew: b. 1744.

D133 ROBERT HUNTER: Provost of Ayr.

D134 ROBERT HUNTER: born 1665.

D135 JAMES HUNTER: Provost of Ayr; b. 1698.

D136 ROBERT HUNTER: married 1764.

D137 JAMES HUNTER: m. 1811.

D138 JAMES HUNTER: d. 1879, of Thurston, E. Lothian.
The Arms of this branch of the family are practically the same as the Arms of Hunter of Hunterson.