T135 BENJAMIN DAVIS: probably b. at the time of the Revolution; gave land on which to build the North Providence Baptist Church; m. Jemima Roberts. (The earliest known American ancestor of this branch of the family early settled at North Providence, Pa., and his son settled at Oaks, Montgomery County, Pa., where a number of descendants still reside. Here stands the Davis Homestead, which was visited by General Washington, and which still remains the home of the Davises It is known as “Umstad Manor”, was built about 1785, and is believed to be one of the oldest houses in Pennsylvania which is still retained by descendants of the original builder.) Ch. of Benjamin include:

(1) Mary: m. Mr. Abraham.

(2) Ann: m. Mr. Morgan.

(3) Thomas: settled in Texas.

(4) Jesse: settled on a farm adjoining that of his brother Nathan, the two farms being joined together to form the present estate of Umstad Manor.

(5) Nathan: settled in Montgomery County; m. Catherine Detwiler and had Jefferson, Milton, Jemima, Hannah, Jane, Annie, Detwiler and

(A) Milton Isaac: m. Frances Umstad, dau. of John Henry Umstad

(b. Jan. 2, 1802; Baptist minister; gave land on which was built the Dunker church, which stands near the Manor.)

(a) Clara: b. 1856; m. Lewis Jarrett (now dec.), and had:

1. Ada; resides with her mother at Norristown, Pa.; engaged in teaching school.

2. Frank: m.; has Frank, Jr., and Pauline; reside in Kentucky.

3. Milton Leon: lives in West Virginia.

4. Leila: m.; lives in Canada. Issue.

5. Roberta.

6. Frances.

(b) John U.: b. August 6, 1858, at “Umstad Manor”; student at Locke Seminary, 1876-77; m., August 31, 1890, Ella C. Leman, of Philadelphia (b. Jan. 9, 1869). Reside at 6646 N. 20th St., Philadelphia.

1. Sarah Evanson: b. June 21, 1891; missionary; graduate of Baptist Institute• now on staff of Cleveland Orphanage at Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Unm.

2. John Leman: b. August 12, 1893; superintendent of Rogers and Hubbard Co., Middletown, Conn.; served as wireless telegraph instructor during World War. Unm.

3. Frank Stonestreet: b. November 13, 1897; owner of Davis-Bechtel Printing Co., Philadelphia; served with the 128th “Iron Division” in France during the World War. Unm.

4. Louis Detrich: b. December 8, 1899; owner and founder of the “Lou-Vis” Stencil Products Co.; m. Merle M. Enos, October 29, 1929; reside at Stenton Hall, Philadelphia.

5. Katherine May: b. December 21, 1900; d. 1914.

6. Milton Isaac: b. March 2, 1907; employed by Lou-Vis Co. Unm.

7. Ella Leman: b. August 28, 1910; grad. Gratz High School, Philadelphia, spends summers at Camp Dunes, Long Island, as secretary to director; has for some time been employed in the research depart­ment of the American Historical-Genealogical So­ciety; resides with parents.

(c) Sarah: b. June 19, 1860; m. Frances V. Evanson (now dec.). Mr. Evanson renovated Umstad Manor about 20 yrs. ago. No issue; resides at Oaks. Mrs. Evanson is the present owner of the Manor. She was born there and spent her childhood and girlhood there with her brothers and sisters. After their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Evanson made it their home, until the death of the former, several years ago.

(d) Lydia: d. y.

(e) Nathan: b. 1864; d. 1929; m. Nellie Laubach and had Helen (m.; issue), Dorothy (m.; issue), Nathan U. (m.) and Edith (grad. West Chester Normal School; now engaged in teaching).

(f) Benjamin: b. 1866; m. Cora Beaulieu; reside at Phoenix­ville, Pa.

1. Pauline: grad. Ursinus College; taught in U. S. Gov­ernment School in Hawaii; m. Lawrence Pearson.

A. Donald Davis: b. December 26, 1929.

(g) Jamima: b. 1868; m. Howard Wilkinson; no issue; reside at Oaks.

(h) Emma U.: h. 1876; m. John Albert Kindy and had John (d. 1929), Albert, Joseph, Frances and Margaret; reside at Oaks.