TUNE: Battle Hymn of the Republic

There’s something strong and mighty in a good old family name.

And the name of Bell shines very high upon the scroll of fame.

For those who bear the name of Bell pursue a lofty aim.

The Clan goes marching on!

CHORUS: Glory to Clan Belovici!

Glory to the sons of Belus!

Sure, Bell is a grand old family!

The Clan goes marching on!

Our ancient family cherishes traditions of the past.

With the world’s great movements they have all their fortunes cast.

And when they pledge their honor they are loyal to the last.

The Clan goes marching on!

The blood of Bell is mingled with the royal bloods of old.

Each century our numbers have increased a hundred fold.

Of all the world’s great families our family is pure gold.

The Clan goes marching on!

We have our dukes and peasants, common folk and blue-bloods, too;

We greet each other with a smile and “Cousin, Howdy-do!”

This goes with all Bell cousins and it goes with me and you.

The Clan goes marching on!

The Bells have come from England , Scotland and the Emerald Isle;

We love our British cousins in that good old Saxon style.

Blood’s thicker than the water separating us a while.

The Clan goes marching on!

Three stalwart Bells were governors in Vermont – Granite State ;

Samuel had five worthy sons who were both good and great.

The value of Bell ‘s telephone you cannot estimate.

The Clan goes marching on!

Bell sons are brave and loyal and Bell daughters true and sweet;

More noble sires and mothers you could never hope to meet.

The stories of their lives and deeds with pleasure we repeat.

The Clan goes marching on!

If you claim the blood of Bell come join the chorus of the Clan,

In our Records and Reunions, all according to our plan;

The name to highest honors boost it every way you can.

The Clan goes marching on.