(See Reference 24)

A200 ROLLO, THE DANE: Duke of Normandy, A.D. 912. Married Lady Poppa, daughter of Berengarius, Count of Bayeaux,

A201 WILLIAM THE LONGSWARD: second Duke of Normandy.

A202 RICHARD I: third Duke of Normandy, married a daughter of a Danish Knight.

A203 GODFREY: Count of Eu and Brion.

A204 RICHARD FITZ GISLEBRET DE TONEBRIDGE: who accompanied William, Duke of Normandy, to England, and was created Earl of Clare, and made Justiciary of England.

A205 GILBERT: second Earl of Clare, married Lady Adeliza, relative to Hugh Capet, King of France.

A206 LADY ADELIZA DE CLARE: married Alberic, second Baron de Vere, appointed by Henry 1, Great High Chamberlain of England.

A207 ALBERIC: third Baron de Vere, created in 1135, Earl of Oxford, second Great High Chamberlain.

A208 ROBERT: fifth Baron de Vere, third Earl of Oxford, one of the twenty-five Magna Charta Barons.

A209 HUGH DE VERE: fourth Earl of Oxford, great High Chamberlain.

A210 ROBERT DE VERE: fifth Earl of Oxford, married Lady Alice.

A211 ALPHONSO DE VERE: second son.

A212 JOHN DE VERE: seventh Earl of Oxford, a renowned soldier, killed at Rheims.

A213 AUBREY DE VERE: second son (uncle of Robert, ninth Earl of Oxford, and Duke of Dublin, declared a traitor to King Richard, and outlawed and attainted, died in exile 1292.)

A214 RICHARD DE VERE: eleventh Earl of Oxford, died 1417.

A215 HON. ROBERT DE VERE: second son.


A217 SIR JOHN DE VERE: K.G., who succeeded fifteenth Earl of Oxford.

A218 LADY ANNE DE VERE: married Edmund Sheffield, Esq., created Lord Sheffield of Butterwicke, in 1547, killed in battle, 1548-49.

A219 JOHN: second Lord Sheffield.

A220 SIR EDMUND: third Lord Sheffield, K.G., a celebrated naval officer, made Knight of the Garter, and in 1626 created Earl of Mulgrave.

A221 HON. SIR JOHN SHEFFIELD: eldest son.

A222 LADY FRANCES SHEFFIELD: married Sir Philip Fairfax, Knt.


A224 LADY ISABELLA FAIRFAX: (sister of Major-General Thomas Fairfax, Governor of Limerick, and William Fairfax, of Stenton. )

A225 WILLIAM BLADEN: Commissary-General of Maryland.

A226 ANNIE BLADEN: married Benjamin Tasker, President of the Council, and Deputy-Governor of the Province of Maryland.

A227 REBECCA TASKER: married Daniel Dulany, Member of the Council, and Secretary of State of Maryland.

(1) Ann Dulany: married M. le Comte de la Serre, and had Rebecca, first wife of Sir Richard Hunter, M.D., Physician to the Queen of England.
(2) Colonel Benjamin Tasker Dulany: of Virginia, Aidede-camp to General Washington.
(A) Daniel French Dulany: married Sarah, daughter of Commodore Thomas Tingey, United States Navy.
(a) Nancy Dulany: married Dr. John C. Hunter.
1. John Hunter: m. Emma Briscoe; issue.
2. Lucy Hunter.

B228 LOUIS VIII: King of France, had by his first wife, Princess Blanche, daughter of Alphonso IV, King of Castile, and his wife, Princess Eleanor, daughter of Henry 11, King of England.

B229 PRINCE ROBERT: Earl of Artois.

B230 BLANCHE: widow of Henry I, King of Navarre.

B231 HENRY: third Earl of Lancaster.

B232 LADY JOAN PLANTAGENET: married John, third Baron De Mowbray, Lord of the Isle of Axholme.

B233 JOHN: fourth Baron Mowbray.

B234 SIR THOMAS DE MOWBRAY: K.G., Duke of Norfolk.

B235 LADY MARGARET DE MOWBRAY: married John Howard, son of Sir John Howard,Knight.

B236 SIR JOHN HOWARD: K.G., first Duke of Norfolk.

B237 SAMUEL THOMAS: of Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

B238 ELIZABETH THOMAS: second wife of Richard Snowden.
B239 THOMAS SNOWDEN: of Maryland.

B240 MAJOR THOMAS SNOWDEN: of “Montpelier,” in Maryland.
(1) Mary Snowden: married John C. Herbert, of “Walnut Grange” in Virginia, also of Royal Descent.
(A) Mary Virginia Herbert: married Thomas T. Hunter, Captain, U.S. Navy, and C.S. Navy.
(a) Dr. Frederick.
(b) Thomas: C.S. Navy.
(c) Madeline: wife of Major Edmondstone.
(d) Julia: wife of Colonel Frank Harwood U.S. Army.
(e) William.
(f) Charles.
(g) Sarah.
(h) Minnie.

C241 HENRY III: King of England, in 1236 married Lady Eleanor Berenger, daughter of Raymond, Count de Provence.

C242 PRINCE EDMUND PLANTAGENET: Earl of Lancaster and Leicester.

C243 HENRY PLANTAGENET: married secondly, Blanche, widow of Henry, King of Navarre, and granddaughter of Louis VIII, King of France.

C244 LADY JOAN PLANTAGENET: married John, third Lord Mowbray.

C245 JOHN: fourth Lord Mowbray.

C246 LADY ELEANOR MOWBRAY: married Roger, Lord de la Warr.

C247 LADY JOAN DE LA WARR: married Sir Thomas, third Baron West.

C248 REGINALD: fifth Baron West and Lord de la Warr.

C249 SIR RICHARD WEST: seventh Lord de la Warr.

C250 SIR THOMAS WEST: K.G., eighth Lord de la Warr.

C251 SIR GEORGE WEST: Knt., married Lady Elizabeth.

C252 SIR WILLIAM WEST: created 1568, Lord de la Warr.

C253 COLONEL JOHN WEST: second Lord de la Warr; Governor and Captain-General of the Virginia Colony, 1610.

C254 UNITY WEST: married Captain William Dandridge, R.N.

(1) Major Alexander Spotswood Dandridge: an aid on staff of General Washington.
(A) Adam Stephen Dandridge: of “The Bower,” in Virginia.
(a) Mary Evelyn: married Robert M. T. Hunter, U.S. Senator.

D256 ROBERT II: King of Scotland, by his wife Lady Elizabeth Mure.

D257 PRINCESS MARGARET STUART: married Eoin Mor MacDonnell.

D258 EOIN-OGE MAC DONNELL: the hero of Sir Walter Scott’s “Lord of the Isles.”

D259 MARCACH MAC DONNELL: of the Glinns.


D261 TIRLOUGH OGE MAC DONNELL: first of the MacDonnells to settle in Leinster.

D262 DONOCH MAC DONNELL: of Leinster, slain in Leix 1504.



D265 CALVAGH MAC DONNELL: Lord of Tenekille.

D266 HUGH-BUIDHE MAC DONNELL: Lord of the Manors of Tenekille and Ballycrassel, Queen’s County, Ireland.


D268 ALEXANDER MAC DONNELL: “the Constable of Wicklow” and Commander of the Gallowglasses in 1641.

D269 LIEUTENANT BRYAN MC DONALD: of Arklow, County Wicklow. Served in the army of King James II, and in 1691 removed with his family to America and settled in Mill Creed Hundred, New Castle Co., Del., where he purchased six hundred acres of land from Penn.

D270 BRYAN MC DONALD: fourth son, removed about 1753 to Botetourt Co., Va.
(1) Joseph McDonald: of Greenfield, Va.
(A) Major Richard McDonald: of Macksville, Ky.
(a) Colonel James McDonald: of Sacramento, Calif. Member of Kentucky State Legislature 1828-37.
1. De Witt Livingston McDonald: of San Francisco, Calif., married Martha Eleanor Hunter.
A James Monroe.